Art Gifts for Kids

by SusanM

Popular and creative ideas for giving art gifts to kids for Christmas 2012

When you think of an art gift for a child do you think of a coloring book? That is the most common art gift for kids. But is it the most exciting for a child to get?

You can give something that will excite a child's creativity often for no more than what a few good quality coloring books would cost you.

Create an Art Supply Gift Basket

An art supply basket is a creative gift you can make at home with some essential items like crayons and markers. You can also include a book of drawing paper or coloring books but if you want to keep the gift inexpensive focus on getting some great art supplies kids will love.

The age of the child you are buying for will be an important part of what sort of art supplies you buy. For a younger child, like a toddler stick to jumbo crayons (the thick ones) because they are easier to hold and won't break easily. The supplies suggested here are suitable for school age children age 5 and up.

For a creative finish buy a cheap basket or colored box to put the supplies in. You can also crunch up colored tissue paper to fill the box or basket to display the art supplies on.

Art Gifts that Last and Last

Crayons and markers are wonderful for kids but they only last a certain time before new ones are needed. If you want a present that the child can keep for years to come think about one of the art toys that aren't based on traditional art supplies.


Drawing with Water: Aquadoodle

Aquadoodle is an art gift for younger children. The good point about this art toy is it won’t run out like a box of crayons or marker set. The special drawing pens just need to be filled with water. The drawings automatically disappear so the mat can be used again and again. The bad points are this toy doesn’t have the normal selection of color a box of crayons or marker set has. An adult will also need to take a photo as soon as the drawing is made for the drawing to be kept as a memory of the child's early years. Drawings also can’t be given as gifts to grandparents. So a toy like this is usually best as an addition to classic art supplies like crayons.


Gift for a Doodle Bug: Doodler

An excellent gift choice for 3 to 7 year old children (some parents have also found it a great toy for their 2 year old). The good points are you don't need to buy extra art supplies. The Doodler is also easy to carry making drawing on-the-go easy. This means it's a great way to keep kids busy in a waiting room or the car. It can also be used anywhere in the house where Aquadoodle really needs a hard, big and flat space like a tiled floor. The bad points are the same as those for the Aquadoodle but if the Doodler is used for places where kids get bored not as a replacement for other art supplies it shouldn't be a problem. 

Pictured: Aquadoodle Draw n Doodle

Art Gifts that Last and Last

Aquadoodle Draw N Doodle
Classic Doodler

This Crayon Tower is like the classic Crayola Caddy you might remember from your childhood. I loved my Crayola Caddy and was almost always drawing with the crayons.   This newer Tower has a big range of color with 150 different crayons. There are 118 regular colors,16 metallic and 16 glitter crayons. This means you will be giving a child an exciting color palette to create their art with.

This Crayon Tower has been awarded the highest toy award from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. 

Art Gifts to Catch Kids Attention

Giving kids an art experience they have not experienced before, like making art that glows, is a great way to grab their attention and give a memorable gift they will love.


Glow Art for Kids

Glowing objects fascinate kids and glow art adds a new dimension to creativity. There are a number of glow art toys available in different price ranges which are a big hit with kids.



Spinning Art for Kids

Spinning art allows kids to create splatter paint pictures and cards. This is an art style that has a "messy" feel without being too messy.

Pictured: Crayola Glow Book

Do you remember the classic spirograph?

I had one as a child that fascinated me. The complex and amazing patterns that are created with a spirograph are amazing.

They are still a classic art gift for kids and many children have not experienced the joy of creating spiral art. This type of art does require good coordination though so it's best for older children who are 6 years and older.

Classic Spirograph Set


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