Art with Four Leaf Clover - Shamrock Crafts and Supplies for St Patrick’s Day Party Decorations

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Sky is the limit when it comes to art with four leaf clover. Shamrock looks awesome in prints, home décor, recipes and crafts.

Welcome to the treasure art of Shamrock crafts. Perhaps, you have underestimated and undermined the magic art of the four leaf clover, the artistic shamrocks potential. The leaf is a beautiful piece of art and shape which can create innovative masterpieces.

Besides, shamrock images look stunning in vintage shamrock greeting cards for St. Patrick’s Day. Moreover, artistic shamrock clipart can bring lucky touches to your desserts, table centerpieces and crafts.Use your imagination and take out the best in shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Saint Patrick's Day Designs 

Saint Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Shamrock Crafts for St Patrick's Day













Use the beautiful shamrock clovers to add shimmering lucky touches to your dining table, doorways, windows and garden. Simple shamrock crafts could be made easily with the shamrock crafts kit, 3D cardboard clovers, cardboard plates and printouts. Shamrock clover is a quick and colorful way with the mischievous green to bring fun and to set the tone of Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.













Simple art does not require complicated kit, expertise or extensive skills. Originality, creativity and fun filled innovative ideas can involve the kids and you can have a great family activity time with shamrock prints. Affordable craft supplies and kit are available online that can make you an expert Shamrock craftsman in no time.

Shamrock Clipart and Prints

Preparing Shamrock Stamps

Print a shamrock leaf from a shamrock clipart through your computer with a printer. It is easy to make the shape of shamrock on a cardboard and use it as a stencil, to cut more of these shapes uniformly. You can buy a shamrock cutter or shamrock stencil to get the perfect shape. You can also use a heart shape for the four leaves and glue them to get the four leaf clover.


Instead of using a cardboard shamrock, you can instead cut a layer of potato which is easily available in kitchen by giving the shape of shamrock with a knife or a scissor. This shamrock potato has to be thick and sturdy so that you can easily use it many times to get the stamp of shamrock. You can also use fabric in velvet green cut in the shamrock shape. Put glue on one side of the fabric and let it dry. Once the glue dries, the fabric becomes stiff and can be used further.


Art with Four Leaf Clover

Shamrock Crafts Kit



Cut as many shamrocks as you need with different sizes either in card-board, construction paper, velvet fabric or from potato. Color them in variations of green shade of acrylic paint that shines. Only remember that it has to be thick and sturdy. I am going to call this shamrock stamp.


To make shamrock artwork and crafts piece that you would like to decorate your home, here are some ideas that you and your kids can do with some practice.

Paper Card board Shamrock Wreath –

You need a big paper plate that is strong enough to hold the shamrocks and hang it. You need some shamrock stamps, possibly 30 to 50 depending upon the diameter and size of the paper plate. You need a knife, a ring a pencil, glue and green paint.

Use the ring to draw a circle inside the paper plate, you need to cut the inside of the plate to form the hollow. Once you have drawn the inner circle with pencil, use a sharp knife or razor to cut the inside out. Colour the shamrocks in different shades of green some dark and some light to create a contrast in green hues. Once done, stick the shamrock stamps to the periphery of the paper plate in green shamrocks of different size and hues. The effect is a dramatic Shamrock wreath that you can hang on the wall or the door.

Tips and Enhancement -It looks stunning if you use some sparkling green colour to paint, green beads intertwined with shamrock and ribbons.

Shamrock Centerpiece




Use a glass bowl or crystal jar to make this shamrock centerpiece.









Take some shamrock stamps and stick them to the crystal jar or the glass bowl. You can either stick them from outside or inside the surface. I prefer sticking them outside neatly with strong glue. Space them up uniformly or spread them in geometric shapes. Once it has dried, fill the jar with plain water or green colored water. Watch your centerpiece come alive with the green solution. If the bowl has crystal cut and designs, it looks more beautiful.








Tips and Enhancement – Let some shamrock and flower petals float in water. Use lighting and a bit of fragrance to jazz up the centerpiece.

Which is your favourite symbol for art and crafts on Saint Patrick's Day?

Shamrock Tree –

Collect some strong dry branches from your garden. Collect various sizes of branches with varied thickness. A bigger and thicker branch is needed to form the main trunk of the tree. The size of the tree depends on the number of branches it can hold.

Apply a thin layer of glue to all the branches and let them dry. Cut a long ribbon of green velvet fabric for wrap. Once the sticks have stiffened, wrap the green fabric hiding the surface of the stick with the help of glue.

Arrange these sticks in a form of tree with the help of a plier and thin wires. Attach the shamrock stamp or leafs on the structure of the tree.

Tips and Enhancement – You can give any form and shape to the tree. Try giving the structure, the form of bonsai tree. The Shamrock Bonsai tree looks lovely. You can put this adorable tree anywhere, either in your study room or as a table centerpiece. You can also hang necklace beads and small ornaments on the branches.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Crafts on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 03/11/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
These are such fun ideas for March 17th! In particular, I like the bowl with green water inside and shamrock cutouts outside and the shamrock tree.

Would the green water stain? If so, what would I use that's environmentally friendly to clean the bowl inside and out?

Mira on 05/05/2015

It's been a while since I did any crafts. Time to start a project :)
I enjoyed that instant snow video :)

ologsinquito on 03/12/2015

It is run for children to make St. Patrick's Day Crafts. I remember my children doing this when they were young.

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