As the youngest child, was she a spoiled brat or did she have to fight for attention?

by Telesto

I love: shoes, shopping and Chablis; books, beaches and ballroom dancing; London, laughter and life; perfume, Pinot Grigio and parties; walking, writing and Bill Withers.

So, this is it then. I have to write something about myself. Something people might find interesting. Well, it is true that I am the youngest of three. It is probably also true that I was, occasionally, spoilt. Brat? I hope not, although I expect I had my moments. I certainly do now. Sometimes I just need to give myself a slap. Did I have to fight for attention? Who knows? I've had to fight for a few things since though, won a few, lost a few.

Susan Shirley

This is me

I've worked full-time since I was aged 16, except for a period of six weeks sometime ago, when I worked part-time.  Since leaving school, I have studied part-time, and have a Masters degree, a post-graduate diploma and a BSc (Hons).  And a few other things besides: I'm a qualified nail therapist, hot stone masseuse, Reiki Master, hypnotherapist... 

I love a good manicure,I  have been doing my own nails for as long as I remember.  Speak to me nicely and I might do yours.  Men and women, I've done both. 

I love a gadget.  And for the purposes of this Wizzography, "gadget" covers everything from a screwdriver to electrical gizmos.  Let me illustrate:  I'd just had the conservatory built and the main man from the company came round to do a little check.  Miss Shirley asked for something to be done, and he said,

"Oh, don't suppose you've got a chisel?"

Don't suppose you've got a chisel?  Seriously?

"Hold on a minute," said I. 

And promptly produced a pack of brand new chisels that I just happened to buy in Homebase when I was having a mooch.  (I did say that I love shopping, remember?)  The main man from the double glazing company was hugely impressed.  As he should be.  My tool box is a thing to be desired and envied.  I could re-build this house from scratch.  If I knew how. 

Oh, believe me, I tried to do it all on my own.  And I've made a fair job of it, but there are some things that completely evade me.  Not to mention bore me.  Don't ever ask me to do your plumbing.  Manicure and pedicure, yes.  Plumbing no.

So, twelve years later, my house still isn't finished.  I hope to remedy that soon. I do a lovely job of varnishing a floor, and a couple of those still need doing.  (Do you see the theme emerging here? Varnish/paint?)

Did I mention my girls?  My four beautiful girls?  I did say that I love animals, didn't I?  My girls, the loves of my life. They are all rescues, two sets of sisters.  Actually, my first book is about them, I just need to decide whether I e-publish or try the conventional route...  Of course, there have been others before, including dogs.   I really love dogs too.  But I couldn't have a dog with the fearsome foursome. 

I started writing about three and half/four years ago.  I love it more as I do more.  I read as much as I can, about virtually anything.  At the moment, mainly about SEO, etc, anything that's going to help me with my online writing career.  I'm planning on doing a web design course in a few months, just to help me out.

Is there anything you want to know?  The lovely Rhea is now sitting between me and the keyboard, and this is always where my typ9+6



ing goes awry.


Thanks for reading.








Tournée du Chat Noir, c.1896
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Artemis and Rhea

Artemis and Rhea
Artemis and Rhea
Susan Shirley
Telesto and Oceana
Telesto and Oceana
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Telesto on 04/06/2014

Hi there, yes, it is effective. And much easier on the therapist's hands than other forms of massage.

ologsinquito on 04/05/2014

I've heard about hot stone therapy. It's probably very effective, as are so many of these natural forms of treatment that work with the body, instead of against the body.

Telesto on 03/18/2014

You could try taking the simple card out and rubbing with a pencil eraser. Sometimes works.

Guest on 03/18/2014

Apparently, either my SIM card is bust or the internal aerial is feathers. Knowing the way I treat phones, probably both. I'm maintaining an internal cyber purr melody at the moment and probably will do until June when all of this is over and done with. Even my bus was making purring noises this evening ;-)

Telesto on 03/18/2014

Ah, mobile 'phone companies... Yes, I've had a couple of weeks like that, but they've made it up to me so I may forgive them...

Guest on 03/17/2014

I make a little bit on eBay but as it's still a private venture and not business registered, I can't make too much. A few pennies here and there when things go to bidding wars. Just turned in a 9hour day again so those cyber purrs are echoing loudly in my head as I wait for my mobile phone provider's call centre to pick up my call to complain about their service...

Telesto on 03/16/2014

Thank you, Vet was pleased as they've lost weight. Do you make money from selling on ebay?

Guest on 03/15/2014

Cyber purrs, tea and sympathy sound good to me. I'm already cutting back on the alcohol to ensure good nights' sleep are the norm not a rarity during the next few months, and incidentally this will also help with my calorie counting and weight loss attempts, most likely. I'll have decluttered three more items by the end of the weekend, a surprise gift to a friend who loves vintage clothes and a couple of eBays leaving Monday at the latest. Hope all is well with all four girls after the vet's visits and hope to be reading more from you soon.

Telesto on 03/15/2014

I've spoken to the girls. The big ones are sending cyber purrs as I type. The little ones are slightly pre-occupied as we are going to the vets shortly... Just for our annual check and vaccinations, so no cause for concern. We can give each other mutual support re de-cluttering. As for the mountaineering... Tea and sympathy any good?

Guest on 03/14/2014

Yes, I am rapidly gaining qualifications in decluttering skills not offered by any of the many academic and vocational establishments in this area. It'll be interesting to see how that goes in the next few months, as I suspect my dayjob workload is about to hit the kind of vertical usually accessible only by an experienced mountaineer with crampons and a couple of ice picks. You may need to consider asking your babies to send me cyber purrs by the time this is out.

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