Auction Sites Online for Stolen Goods

by skiesgreen

Have you ever been robbed and know what it feels like? If your goods were then sold online, would you be upset?

Thieves Sell Online

Fencing Stolen Goods

Probably you would never know the source of something you bought online unless it has a serial number recorded or you buy direct from the manufacturer or his agent. That is why one should not deal with auction sites that have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sellers. Some of them could have been around long enough to build a reputation as a credible seller and the goods may arrive in fairly good condition. But that would be expected if they were stolen from a shop or warehouse.

When searching for something specific it is hard not to notice that many products originate in Eastern Europe, especially things like software. This is probably also stolen by thieves who plagiarise and market as their own. China and other Asian countries have thieves marketing clothes as original and even with designer labels attached, These goods are copies of original works by genuine fashion houses who have had the design stolen and copied. The end product is then inferior and some clothes, particularly bridal gowns, have arrived with glued on trimmings, crooked seams, skew whif hemlines and ill fitting.

In that circumstance a bride is devastated as it is too close to the wedding to re-order a gown or make substantial changes.

Thieves online are into everything that will make them money and the word is out there to beware. If you buy from other than a well established and reputable seller you run the risk of receiving stolen or inferior goods.

Lenses by Skiesgreen

Auction Sites Online for Stolen Goods
You probably would not buy anything from a thief if he approached you but what if he was selling his ill gotten goods online? Could you pick them? Would you care?

Lies and Thieves Go Together

So why do people lie?

If you steal something you need to lie to cover the theft. But lying in itself is theft, It robs the audience of the chance to assess the truth. Many think that by tricking others into believing something that is false then that is funny or entertaining. It isn't!

The worst form of lying is that done to children by parents and other relatives. Santa Claus is one example of a horrendous lie that readily springs to mind. Parents around the world have engaged in fooling children into believing that some weird old man, a perfect stranger, enters their house when they are asleep to leave them presents. In some homes he supposedly eats something and indulges in a drink.

This is such a confusing mixed message in an age when children are often kidnapped, even from their beds when sleeping, by men who steal them for one reason or another. The dressed up Santa outside a department store could well be a pedophile who gets pleasure from children sitting on his knee or lap.

Hohohoho is not a sound that rings true in my ears and children should not be encouraged to believe that strangers who give them gifts are anything other than a suspicious threat which should be avoided and reported.

Lenses on Lies

Bible Lies
It's Christmas Day as I write this and everywhere people are celebrating a lie. The media is full of what people are doing, saying and worshipping today. Everyone who is involved are promoting the biggest lie of all - that it is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Why Do People Tell Lies
The majority of people follow rather than think for themselves. They do not use their own brains to work things out because its easier to follow a leader, even if they are being lied to and they may not know they are being lied to because they don't check it out. If they believe lies they will also tell them.

Religious Myths - Why Do They Exist?
As the world comes ever closer to its end the interest in religious myths and the truth of human beliefs is increasing. With full memory of my reincarnation and, therefore, knowledge that most religious doctrines are concoctions of the ignorant minds of our ancestors my life's work has been researching the origins of those myths.

How Careful are You?

Do you check the background of sellers
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Updated: 01/01/2012, skiesgreen
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mulberry on 01/13/2012

You've certainly alerted me to this problem. I hadn't thought much about the things I buy online and whether or not they were stolen.

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