Audiobooks: Serving Many Purposes

by blackspanielgallery

Audiobooks can be used where traditional books do not work, and are an invaluable method to serve those with a vision impairment, those environmentally conscience, and many others.

One innovative method of going through a book that is increasing in popularity is to listen to an audiobook. Many books are not yet available in audio format, but those that are have become numerous and serve several significant functions.

The reason these audiobooks are becoming popular is that they are being made available in a multitude of formats, so they are accessible regardless of the manner one has available to listen to them. They can be found as DVDs and downloads to Smartphones, but there are so many other was of listening to an audiobook. One advantage is a simple download, making them available without shipping charges.

But why are they chosen over e-books? Well, there are several reasons, which will be discussed below.

Audiobooks Offer an Alternative for People with Reading Difficulty

Audiobooks Offer a Valuable Option to Those with Disabilities

Some people cannot read.  In some cases this is an absolute, such as being due to blindness.  In other cases there is an educational gap.  Then, there is those with great difficulty reading, including those people with dyslexia.


Regardless of the reason, people often have a need to hear the words.  And, in the situations mentioned above it is not necessary that the words actually be visible.  So, a talking e-book serves as an audiobook, but it is not necessary to have the words show on a screen.  However, in some cases it does help.


Making information, or classic novels, available to those with no other access in important. 


Audiobooks Are Portable

They Can Be Used where Other Books Will Not Work

Many people have a DVD player in their vehicle.  Having an audiobook playing can be a more better use of time in the vehicle than listening to music.  Students can listen as a novel is read before an exam.  While deep concentration as one drives is not a good idea, the passengers in the vehicle can benefit immensely from an audiobook study session.  Indeed, the driver can use the book in a less intense manner, such as a passive review.


Other places audiobooks are the best option are many, with the gym being one such place.  Listening to an audiobook downloaded to a Smartphone using ear buds can make a boring workout pass with a second positive result.


Audiobooks Are Green

Audiobooks Offer an Ecologically Sound Choice

In the modern world where global warming threatens the continued existence of the human race, it is necessary to become as green as possible.  Print books require the cutting down of trees, nature’s carbon removal system.  Yes, trees remove carbon from the atmosphere.  With audiobooks there is no paper involved, so there is no need to cut down trees. 


E-books are also an excellent green option to print books.  So, audiobooks have no environmental advantage over e-books, but both have a tremendous advantage over traditional printed books.  Remember, it is not just one copy of the book that requires paper, but every copy printed.  Supporting e-book and audiobook options encourages publishers to move towards the green options.



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Inspirational Messages

Inspirational books are a good choice for an audiobook.  The inspirational message can be heard while driving, through ear bugs at the gym or even the workplace, or as a background message while doing other things at home. 


Educational Significance

Adults and Children

Educational use could include combining an e-book and audiobook for any person learning to read, and can be used privately.  Or, for a [person learning a foreign language, both the words and pronunciations are important, so audiobooks are invaluable. 


For children, an audiobook version of a children’s book can be an educational tool.  However, for this use it must be emphasized that this should serve as a supplement to a parent reading picture books with the child.  The binding with a child cannot be delegated to an audio component of a book.



Audiobooks serve a myriad of purposes.  If just one option appeals to a person the audiobook choice is well worth making. 


For technical books, classical novels, inspirational books, children’s books, and spiritual inspiration you can find a nice selection at Alibris.   They are an economical alternative, in addition to all of the other advantages shown above.


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Updated: 09/29/2017, blackspanielgallery
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