Avoid Bad Cuticles

by katiem2

Avoid the appearance and pain of bad, cracked, torn, ripping, and dry painful cuticles. Get amazing cuticles today, all natural cheap n easy

Cuticles are more than a part of the nails cuticles are actually skin - When you suffer from dry hands and skin you get bad cuticles. Dry skin leads to many a mainicure problem.

The cuticle is the area surrounding the sides and base of the nail where the skin can actually connect to the nail if not cared for properly. Basic nail care is an easy fix to avoid bad cuticles which lead to bad nails.

once the cuticle attaches itself to the nail it grows outward and often times stays connected to the nail causing it to spilt and crack creating ugly painful nails.

Cuticles are just skin so why is it this small area of skin can cause so much aggravation and pain?

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How to Treat Bad Cuticles

Avoid Pain and Infection of Cuticles

First - Keep hands moisturized and clean, use a nail brush at least once a day.

Second - Do not pull, bite or yank hanging cuticles, not only does this create a lot of pain it can also cause infection.

Third - Keep nails manicured, filed and push cuticles back gently with a cuticle pusher once you have softened cuticles with cuticle cream or moisturizer.  Follow the directions on packages or watch tutorials. 

How to Stop Biting Cuticles

The best way to instantly stop biting at your annoying cuticles is to eliminate them in the first place.

Some people have been known to bite the offending cuticles making the problem worse. Dry cracked cuticles can be so irritating they drive us to do stupid things.

Bad cuticles are capable of making most anyone resort to biting and pulling as the dry skin is enough to drive anyone to the brink. Remember just as any dry skin is annoying and itchy when left unkempt so too are cuticles.

It's best to prevent the cuticle from growing out with your nail by keeping the cuticle portion of the fingers tips and nails moisturized and cleaned daily with a small cuticle brush.

You do this by eliminating the old dead cuticle build up you want to avoid from forming on your nails to begin with. The lotion you no doubt have on hand.  Apply lotion to your hands after washing or having them in water for extended periods of time.  

Be careful to rinse all the soap off your hands before applying lotions as the soap residue is drying and harmful to your skin as it robs skin of moisture.  Applying lotion helps maintain a level of moisture which keeps the cuticle lifted away from the nail as it should be.  

The Easy Grip Nail Brush

This is my favorite type of nail brush, it's simple and feels amazing with the easy to grip feature.
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Brush Away Dead Cuticle

It's easy to avoid bad finger nail or toe nail cuticles, ugly nails and hands with the simple use of a nail brush.

If you've never used a nail brush you're in for a treat.  Gently brushing your nails in a massaging manner side to side and up and down feels great.  It's an easy habit to develop.

Keep a nail brush in the shower of near your bathroom sink to brush nails once daily.  This also helps keep the cuticle lifted away from the nail bed and exfoliates dead skin sloughing it off the healthy nail tissue. This keeps dead skin cells from building up, clinging to your nail bed and growing out far to much along with your nail.  If this occurs, at one point the dead cuticle tissue will crack, split or tear causing the cuticle to rip down to the healthy tissue causing irritation and pain.

The best and simplest way to avoid bad cuticles is to cleanse them once daily with the gentle use of a nail brush.

Enjoy Your Pretty Nails, Katie

Don't Forget The Cuticles on Your Toes

Brush your toes as well while setting on a shower stool to keep your feet feeling and looking great.

Learn how to heal nails after acrylics

Plus read Angels anti aging manicure information.

Angel is in the beauty business, when it comes to a valued opinion on beauty products and services she's my go to girl.  I don't know much about acrylic nails and yet I realize many of you have used them for years.  When it comes to advice on acrylic nails and healing the damage that can occur from these type of nails I turn to trusted author Angel.  Learn what to do for this type of concern from Angel.  Thanks Angel :)

Repairing your nails after acrylics or gel nails can be difficult. These products helped me to now have nice hard nails and a good base to work from to grow them longer.
Our hands can tell our age if not taken care of. Tips to give yourself an anti-aging manicure including nail colors.
Updated: 10/29/2018, katiem2
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katiem2 on 08/06/2013

Audrey, Oh this is a tricky one! The desired effect is to avoid hang nails altogether but we do get them at times. Try soaking your hands in a nice oatmeal manicure bath for 10 minutes then gently brush downward away from the cuticle to the ends of the nail in hopes the hang nail will gently pull away BUT not in the opposite direction!!! If it doesn't allow it to dry this process should have stretched it enough you may clip it as close to the base as possible but without drawing blood. then apply neosporin or a similar product apply a small band and pamper it, from here on out using proper care following the instructions shared here today. Best of luck and health dear friend.

Audrey Hunt on 07/31/2013

Katie - I love this page. I use Burt Bees cuticle cream and love it. My biggest problem is with hang nails. I 'm not good at knowing how to clip them. How much skin do I remove?
Thanks Katie ~ Audrey

katiem2 on 07/31/2013

Natural_Skin_Care, Oh yes so true the cuticles are delicate and can be over worked, manicurist can over work your nails, nail beds, and cuticles causing a whole host of nail problems and issues.

Natural_Skin_Care on 07/30/2013

My cuticles were ragged because of the way the manicurist was buffing my nails. Talk about ironic.

Casey on 06/12/2013

Great money saving tips on avoiding nasty looking nails. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get rid of my dry cracked cutucles. I never thought about having a nail brush at every sink and in the shower. Great plan of action.

katiem2 on 06/01/2012

Michelle, It's so easy to forget the basics in nail care or anything else for that matter we all do it. Great to hear you found avoid bad cuticles and are on the way to beautiful healthy nails. :) K

Michelle on 06/01/2012

Thank You, My nails are in bad shape after this past season it seems I forget about my nails, manicures and proper nail and cuticle care til warm weather hits and I want to show off my nails and toe nails. This is a helpful reminder as to the basics and what an impact it can make on my cuticles, looking forward to my new nail brush, its the basics!

katiem2 on 03/28/2012

Niki, Great so glad you've found us here at Wizzley, may your cuticles be beautiful and healthy :)

Niki on 03/28/2012

Sweet just what I needed. Whew a cure for my nasty nails, much appreciated.

katiem2 on 02/20/2012

Thanks Pinkchic, Great to have you here

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