Baby Stella Dolls

by sheilamarie

Baby Stella Dolls are adorable baby dolls that are as cuddly and soft as real babies. Baby Stella dolls are great as a first doll and are fun dress up dolls, too.

Cute and cuddly baby dolls never go out of style! And Baby Stella fits the bill on both counts.

Your child will love the softness of this doll! And the details will bring a smile to both of your faces.

Baby Stella can be loved as is, or you can add from a whole range of accessories to make playing with Baby Stella even more fun!

Baby Stella Dolls Are Great Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Dress Up Dolls That Are Soft and Huggable

When my granddaughter turned two last April, I gave her a Baby Stella Doll. As soon as she took Baby Stella out of the gift bag, her heart melted and she hugged the doll closely. Baby Stella quickly won her heart. Baby Stella won my heart, too.

Baby Stella, made by Manhattan Toy, is a soft cuddly doll with lifelike fingers and toes and a plump belly with a perfect belly button in the middle. She has a tuft of fleece hair on the top of her head. Baby Stella has her own pacifier that attaches to her lips by magnet. Her diaper goes on and comes off easily with its velcro attachments. Baby Stella's clothes attach with velcro as well, so are easy for even a toddler to take on and off for dress up fun. 

Baby Stella comes with peach or beige skin (which are the colors Manhattan Toy uses for light or dark complexion). There is a boy Baby Stella doll, too, (call him Baby Stephen?) and two Baby Stella toddlers -- one with blond hair, one with black hair. You can choose a Baby Stella doll that looks most like your child. She or he will find reassurance and love to hold a soft and cuddly Baby Stella doll close, whether in bed or while playing during the day. 

Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy was given the Oppenheim toy portfolio gold seal award 2006 and was recognized by the Canadian Toy Testing award in 2007.

This article will introduce you to the Baby Stella Doll and show you some of the accessories available with this doll. These dolls will last a young child for years of play. Baby Stella dolls are just the right gift for a young child in the first wonderful few years of life and will appeal to any child who still loves to play with dolls. 

The poster I've included as an illustration is one of those classic Norman Rockwell magazine covers that accurately capture a tender moment in a child's life. The stress of going to the doctor can be eased by using a doll as a helper. If you are interested in purchasing the poster -- or any of the dolls and accessories -- you can do so by clicking on the pictures.  

Baby Stella Dress Up Dolls

Dress Up Dolls with Great Outfits and Accessories
Manhattan Toy Stella Doll
Only $34.99
Baby Stella Beige Skin
Only $34.99
Baby Stella Blonde
Only $38.15
$38.15  $31.99
Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy by Manh...
$35.00  $29.55
Manhattan Toy Baby Carrier for Baby S...
$19.99  $19.75

Dolls Are Special Friends

Doll Poster
"Doctor and the Doll", March 9,1929

Baby Stella for Little Moms and Dads

Children Play Act How to Care for Others

Baby Stella dolls help teach nurturing skills. The Baby Stella Diaper Bag opens up to become a changing pad where your toddler can change Baby Stella's diaper. All the accessories your little "Mom" or "Dad" will need can be found right there in the bag.

 Baby Stella can also be handy when the time comes for potty training. The doll whose diaper has been changed again and again by your toddler can sit on a potty of her own. When your child goes through the steps of using the potty with a doll, she'll be more ready to try sitting on her own potty because she has practiced with her Baby Stella doll.

Dress Up Clothes for Baby Stella Doll

Dress Up Doll with Lots of Outfits

Whether your little one would enjoy dressing up her Baby Stella doll in a cute lady bug outfit or would rather bundle her in a cozy footie pajama to help her sleep through the night, there is a Baby Stella outfit for your child.

Baby Stella has a shiny purple rain coat for rainy days and a sunsuit for lounging on the beach and digging in the sand. 

Baby Stella has her own baby carrier for your child to wear when taking her Baby Stella doll out for a walk to the park. She can pretend to be the Mom carrying her baby, just as she's seen you do. Your little one will be less likely to leave her doll behind at the park or at a friend's house if Baby Stella can be so easily tucked into her carrier and carried without the need for hands.

Baby Stella Doll Article

Find More Baby Stella Doll Supplies

Baby Stella Dolls
Baby Stella dolls make wonderful first dolls for a girl or boy. Fun to hug.

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sheilamarie on 03/13/2012

Thanks for your comment, bhthanks. I think Baby Stella is especially cute.

bhthanks on 11/14/2011

Dolls are adorable and I agree that they are a great gift for toddlers!

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