GroovyGirls Dolls

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GroovyGirls dolls are a fun toy for girls to celebrate their own uniqueness. Discover a doll that will appeal to your favorite girl.

Groovy Girls dolls are special because they let a girl be a girl, yet these dolls still have a range of cool accessories, hairdos, and outfits. A girl can play with one of these dolls without being pushed into comparing herself with an oddly inaccurate adult body.

Your daughter can enjoy being a girl and all the fun that can mean with a doll that is smart and fun, and, well, groovy! (She'll even learn a word her grandmother may have once used!)

GroovyGirls Dolls Are Fun Dolls

You Can Find a GroovyGirls Doll That Will Be Perfect for Your Sweet Girl

GroovyGirls Dolls by Manhattan Toys appeal to all kinds of girls. You can find dolls with different shades of skin and hair and from different ethnic groups. Each doll has her own special style which she flaunts or simply wears with a flair. There are dolls that are dog lovers or horse riders or ballerinas. There are even dolls that are mermaids!

The beauty of these dolls is that despite the fact that each one is smartly dressed, they are dressed as girls, not women. There's a fun, stylish quality about them, but these dolls are not attempts to push girls to develop ahead of schedule. Each doll celebrates the excitement and fun of being a girl. Girls who play with GroovyGirls dolls are not led to feel that their own bodies and ethnic group are somehow less than perfect. Celebrating diversity is part of the intention of why these dolls were created in the first place.

Great Toys for Imaginative Play

Dress Up Dolls for Fun

Playing with dolls allows a girl to imagine what it feels like to be someone else. A girl identifies with the doll and pretends all kinds of scenarios that may or may not reflect her own life. Girls often work out their struggles through the medium of the doll and the imaginative play they create around it. Children develop their feelings and social skills by playing with dolls, too. 

Doll play can be a fun way to try to work out how people interact with each other. While imagining conversations between herself and the doll and between dolls, girls try to understand what is behind what people say to each other. These pretend conversations may not represent a girl's conscious understanding, but may express her underlying feelings around events and situations. She is trying to find her way in the world of social interactions.

Young children use their imaginations to explore what it feels like to live another person's life. If a child plays with a doll that looks like someone different from herself, she may develop a deeper understanding of people who look different. She may learn that despite outward appearances, a person is a person and deserves the respect she wants for herself.

But the main reason girls play with dolls is because it's fun. If it stops being fun, girls will simply move on to playing with something else. GroovyGirls dolls are created in the spirit of fun. Each doll has personality and individual expression. One of these dolls will be ideal for some little girl you know.

Why Are Groovy Girls Dolls Better Than Barbie and Bratz?

All Dolls Are Not Created Equal

Unlike Barbie with her anorexic yet busty looks and Bratz dolls who are filled with edgy antagonism, Groovy Girls dolls express a more innocent attitude. Yes, GroovyGirls dolls are hip, but they are do not promote a negative spirit.

This is important to me as children are overexposed these days to attitudes and influences that bring them down or make them feel bad about themselves. GroovyGirls dolls are not a picture of perfection. They are quirky and individual but they are not mean spirited.

A girl who plays with a GroovyGirls doll can learn to accept the ways in which she is different, too. Of course, there are no magic solutions here, and nothing can take the place of interactions with real people and the modeling of parents and other adults important to the child, but at least GroovyGirls dolls do not promote negative traits.

Do You Prefer Groovy Girls Dolls?

Do You Have an Opinion on Dolls?
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I think Groovy Girls Dolls are a more wholesome choice for girls.
ohcaroline on 11/05/2011

I'd have to vote for Groovy Girls dolls for girls to play with. I like the idea behind them.

Accessories for GroovyGirls Dolls

Imaginative Play

Manhattan Toys, the creators of Groovy Girls Dolls, makes a lot of accessories that can extend the play with these dolls. There are beds, a school desk, a car, a scooter, and a fun cafe where a couple of dolls can meet for a snack. 

The horse, which appears on this page is a bright purple. Some of the other available pets, such as a cat or a puppy, are available as well. If you are interested in these, you can find them by clicking on the link below which will lead you to a page that displays them, or you can click on one of the dolls on this page which will lead you to the Amazon site where you can find them.

There are some great outfits for them that you can find there, too.

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Comments: What Is Your Opinion on These GroovyGirls Dolls?

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sheilamarie on 11/05/2011

I agree, ohcaroline.

ohcaroline on 11/05/2011

Excellent choice of dolls. We shouldn't push girls to grow up too fast.

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