Back To School After Covid

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It is Back to School across the globe and across all age groups. Happy times indeed, except for the looming dangers of Soviet-Ukraine war and global warming.

Anybody recalls the famed American Comedy BACK TO SCHOOL of 1986 where an educated self made millionaire went to school to make his unsure son also enroll as a student, Rodney Dangerfield the millionaire succeeds in making his son Jason join school. Back to school is relevant to the old as to the young. Covid 19 pandemic kept the children of the world away from school for almost three years. Children were forced to remain indoors relying on online classes and stayed away from all outdoor activities like sports and games.

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Impact to Children’s studies

Socializing and making friends

Children over the period were very unhappy without school and were longing to be “BACK TO SCHOOL” with the pandemic easing.  Some students were happy as they didn’t have to study much and easily progressed to the next grade. Willy-nilly, all children sorely missed the school atmosphere and the friends which are so essential for the mental health of the children.  Parents also many times were stuck at home either laid off or due to work from home. They had to do their jobs from home and look after the children also. Covid snuffed out many a young and old and put paid to many a dreams of going back to school forever for many.

Coming to Terms with Pandemic

At last with the pandemic easing itself by end of 2021, children were relieved to pick up their school bags again and looking forward to going to school again.  Children had to make up for the lost years of learning with additional credits and committing long hours. Though some college students braved the pandemic and stuck to their schedule, some lost the focus due to the grim situation and had to resume their school after the pandemic ended.

Back to School is a Necessity

Boost to Career Growth

Going back to educating oneself is many a time a diversion from monotony of work.  Some after a few years of work take a break from work and join college to acquire new skills and update themselves.  Employers also encourage their employees in their effort for getting back to school. It is win-win for both the employer and the employees. It could boost the performance on return which should greatly benefit the employer also. Some companies sponsor their employees for getting to back to school. Universities give education discounts for working professionals coming back to school.  Some seats are kept reserved for such candidates. Companies give education discounts on education accessories also like Mac and Ipad.

Impact on Finances

Some go back to school to chart out new careers. Many returning students worry that maintaining their employment during school would detract them from their studies and so prefer not to work. In fact it is not uncommon to leave a job to return to work. Quitting work will help in concentrating on studies and spending time with family. Temporarily it could strain the financial situation but in the longer run, the job security and income typically increase as one gets educated.

Schooling is Challenging

Education for Girl Child


Third world countries have a challenge of keeping children from dropping out due to societal conditions. Dropouts are as high as 42% in Africa and 33% in Asia. Getting the girl child to school is also a policy challenge in many countries. Gender equality in education is difficult in poverty and conflict stricken societies. All over the world 129 million girls are out of school. The poor invest more in education of boys. Girls’ education leads to better health and productive lives, higher incomes for them, empowerment to decide for themselves and better futures for their families. Governments have various policy measures for keeping children in school and bring them to school when they drop out.

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frankbeswick on 08/19/2022

This is a wise article on an important subject. Thankyou. In the UK the situation under covid became so bad that the government asked retired teachers to return to work. I considered doing so,but realized that my health is too poor for me to return to work.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/18/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.

Your product line of backpacks, earphones, handhelds and notebooks are enticing for going back to school and for wishing for more time in alternative education. Your product line of chair and desk perhaps edges the preference more toward the latter unless schools offer such set-ups now.

Covid warranted changes, such as glass or plastic partitions, gloves and masks. Children probably welcome schools that no longer require such precautions. Possibly the Covid months were spent replacing the pre-Covid equipment and furnishings with upgrades, such as chairs and desks, earphones and handhelds in your product line.

Wouldn't it seem that, with school drama, newspaper and sports and possibly with refurbished interiors, children would welcome the post-Covid school?

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