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by Jerrico_Usher

A backhoe is a heavy piece of machinery that has a bucket attached to dig in the Earth with ease

A backhoe is a heavy machine that's used for digging. It is a piece of equipment used mostly by professionals in the construction, farming, and other "building" industries. Farmers especially use backhoes and tractors. Parts include a tractor (main core vehicle), front loader, backhoe attachments (and other attachments you can get and add to it's functionality), and a backhoe bucket. The operator of the backhoe should be trained in using this heavy piece of equipment. If an operator is not trained and found operating a backhoe in a business, then that business could be fined.

These loaders have made a big difference on how construction is done today. It digs, lifts, carries and dumps. There are many backhoes to choose from depending on what kind of job you're doing. Just like any other motorized vehicle there are many different types of new and used backhoes on the market today. In this article we'll talk about a few of them and some resources to help you out.




Some Backhoe Companies are:

... just to name a few of the popular ones.


  • Caterpillar

  • John Deere

  • New Holland

  • Bobcat

  • Ford

  • Komatsu

  • Terex

  • case

  • Bradco


There are different attachments that can be added to any of these heavy machines. 

Backhoes can be a very dangerous piece of machinery if not absolutely used properly and treated with respect. They've also been known to tip over if your not careful. These are all things you learn in training for your license.

Make sure you have a good plot of land where your planning to dig. You will need to have the vehicle anchored to add more punching power to the digger or bucket. If you park in a shallow spot the tractor can tip over. If you have plans to survey a hill with your digger think again. If you push the backhoe up the hill and lose your footing the whole thing could roll down the hill- with you in it! 

When looking for used backhoes you may want to ask a professional what type you'll need for the job you will be using it for. They're not cheap, usually in the thousands to tens and even hundreds  of thousands of dollars, depending on how many hours it has been used, it's condition, and how it's been treated (engine, buckets, hydraulics, etc.... 

When shopping around make sure you inspect for any wear and tear, check the hydraulic and electrical system, start it up, and operate the attachments to make sure they work, and be sure to look at the buckets to make sure the actual bucket teeth (where/what the teeth are soldered to) aren't worn down.

If you decide to buy a used one from an individual, it would be a good idea to take a mechanic with you. Dealers often offer a warranty but there are off dealer warranty companies that can cover your investment if you purchase it from an individual. Due to the down economy there are several construction companies going out of business and selling their heavy machinery cheap. This is the "estate sale" of heavy equipment usually.




Buying/Shopping For Backhoes Online

(and off)


Someone looking for used heavy equipment can search for the needed items online. Even offline sales are posted online to gain interest. There is a lot of good information found on the web that can help you save time, find competitive pricing across several companies, and give you enough to understand what to look for and what to ask specifically, THEN you can go out and take a closer look in person. The internet and phone can save you a lot of gas and driving around because most information you need predominantly can be elicited through those sources then acted upon when you find the right one.

There are dealers who specialize in used construction equipment and farm equipment made by companies such as John Deere, Caterpillar, Hinmoto, Komatsu, and Daewoo. An Internet search will bring up websites such as "machinertrader" and "rockanddirt" which both have a large listing of previously owned items for sale such as wheel loaders and psp iso loaders.


Some websites invite customers needing the items offered to come to their locations and complete the sales transaction. Others allow and encourage completing the sale online. It may be possible to have the company arrange delivery of the item purchased. However, in some cases, the new owner is required to arrange for product delivery which can sometimes pose an inconvenience for buyers.

It's a little harder to find replacement parts offline, however, you can contact local tractor supply stores directly to get a feel for how much a part or the whole tractor will cost, then you can search for the product number directly for the best price.

If you find a price lower than a local store you may be able to get them to lower the price so you buy it from them. When you're talking about thousands of dollars most sellers have a lot of profit margin to work with.

Like buying a car, you can often bring the price down substantially if you can prove there is a better deal elsewhere. This is where your research helps a great deal! You can ask them questions too and often they will help hoping for a sale.

If they charge more than an online retailer you know you may have a better deal online but again can talk them down in price (wouldn't hurt!). Taking the time to plan and utilizing the web and offline resources will save you money and a lot of travel time.

It's possible to find manuals, replacement parts, and used heavy machinery on auction websites such as Ebay. Sometimes items are sold by their current owners, businesses who are currently liquidating their assets, or tractor supply stores who sell items in store locations as well as over the Internet.

Prices for items offered online vary and most of the time the total cost includes a delivery charge, unless free shipping is offered.

Shopping online may be the best way to find rare or discontinued items. Sometimes items can be found at lower prices than normal, depending on the reason why the items are being sold.

Compact Loader


Compact Backhoe Loaders

(Some Reviews)


Compact backhoe loaders are versatile machines that may be used for a variety of purposes. The most common uses are as an excavator and loader. Many configurations are available depending on what your machine will be used for. There are some differences between the various types so put some thought into what your machine will regularly be used for and other uses that may pop up down the road. A compact backhoe loader is a long-term investment so you want it to be capable of performing any job that comes up.




Allmand manufactures the TLB-425 ESL Heavy Duty Compact Tractor-Loader Backhoe


With a 25-hp diesel engine and a servo-controlled hydro-static transmission, this backhoe will give you the performance you need whether you are moving earth or digging it up. The transmission requires very little pedal effort in either forward or reverse while giving you maximum control. To keep the noise level of the machine down, the transmission case is constructed of cast iron. Friction is reduced thanks to the over sized polished pins.They are made with urethane lip seals and replaceable composite bearings. Another advantage of this design is that it reduces the need for maintenance as there is no metal-to-metal contact.



Yanmar produces the CBL40 Compact Backhoe Loader


This machine features a hydro-mechanical transmission (HMT) which requires no range shifting while the loader is operating. Low fuel consumption and high performance are the result of this design. A short hood gives the operator a clear view of the bucket and the quick coupler makes changing attachments a breeze.

The engine hood is one piece and opens fully which makes daily maintenance chores much easier also. A mechanical parallel link comes standard on this unit which allows for automatic bucket leveling while a single lever raises and lowers the lift arm.



 Fiori Compact Backhoe Loaders


Standard on this machine is a strong articulated loader. The loading arm comes with a z kinematic mechanism and can reach 2740 mm in loading height as well as 3000 mm in excavation depth. This one machine has it all, allowing you to use it as a back end-excavator or a shovel with forks. Be sure to check out all available compact backhoe loaders to get the one that is right for you. Many of the backhoes on this page can get you started. If you don't see what you're looking for click through to eBay and search there- (go through any eBay ad on this page to get you right into the forklift area on the site).

I hope you found this article useful, Appreciate your reading; feel free to leave a comment!


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