Ball Peen Hammer Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A ball peen hammer is a commonly used hand tool in the construction industry - and the five best ball peen hammers are reviewed and compared.

A ball peen hammer is known under a variety of names - ball pein hammer and peen hammer to name a couple. It's a duel ended-hammer - one side rounded, the other a flat edged cylindrical shape and they're a general purpose hand tool. They can be used to strike another tool - such as a chisel, and/or for tacking, shaping and straightening, and come in a variety of weights.

Handles can be wood, rubberized or hardened fiberglass. Then there's soft or hard faced - which relates to the head. This is where you need to make the right choice. A hard faced head is virtually indestructible and manufactured from heavy gauge alloy or steel. Soft faced are less durable in the long term, made from lead and brass or even reinforced plastics.

The five best ball peen hammers are featured below. Popular, best sellers and all offer the typical return on investment that we want from our hand and power tools.

Stanley 54-008 8-Ounce Ball Pein Hammer

This is the best selling ball peen hammer - A Stanley hand tool and available in a range of weights - 4oz up to 48oz. This is an industry standard hammer, finished to a high degree of quality and the kind of tool that makes you want to go around looking for things to pound.

The head is manufactured from forged carbon steel - toughened up and ready for letting loose on plenty of two-by and dozens of nails, and the handle is a single piece of hickory wood. When using it, there's a distinct lack of chipping and a definite feel of having a good and solid hand tool in your hand. It looks good, it delivers - it's a hammer. If you need an 8oz one - buy it.

Stanley 54-008 8-Ounce Ball Pein Hammer

680-54-008 Features: -Rim-tempered face minimizes chipping, assures greater safety.-Polished face and pein.-54-004 does not have Rim-tempered face.-Head Material: High Carbon St...

Only $15.79

TEKTON by MIT 3080 4-pc. Fiberglass Ball Pein Hammer Set

This is a good quality set of ball pein hammers - and don't let the word 'fiberglass' in the product description put you off. That refers to the handles, not the heads. They're manufactured from heavy gauge forged steel - so no soft faces or eventual head changes.

Textured rubber has been laid over the fiberglass handles - giving a nice comfortable grip and what feels like a decent, well balanced set of hammers. The size range is: 4, 8, 12 and 16 Oz's, so you're getting a fair selection of small to mid-range hammers. No complaints about their ability to knock a few nail heads into place either. More than adequate, feel good - less than 22 bucks gets you a four pack.

TEKTON 3080 Fiberglass Ball Pein Hammer Set, 4-Piece

MIT 4-PC. FIBERGLASS BALL PEIN HAMMER SET features: Drop Forged, Heat Treated Steel Heads, Precision-Machined Faces and Peins, Semi-Polished, Lacquer Coated Heads, Fiberglass Ha...


Stanley 54-716 16 oz Jacketed Graphite Ball Pein Hammer

Another best selling ball peen hammer from the Stanley brand. This time a heavier 16 ounces of pure impact power - depending upon the arm that wields it. Still, Stanley have made the wielding part easy, with a high carbon, heat treated heavy gauge head, a handle that enjoys a patent pending permanent fix - and all encased in a pretty comfortable cushioned jacket.

Does it do the job it was intended for? Absolutely. It's a well finished hand tool, great design, attention to detail (you won't let this one go by accident - so hopefully there won't be any) and it feels supremely balance between head, handle and grip when you're going at a few dozen nails or smashing something out of your way on a construction site. Big on durability, high on comfort - and low on price.

Stanley 54-716 16 oz Jacketed Graphite Ball Pein Hammer

Includes 16 oz. Jacketed Graphite Ball Pein Hammer - 54-716

Only $25.99

Stanley 54-508 8 oz Compo-Cast Ball Pein Hammer

Here we go again - another five star rated Stanley ball peen hammer - this time an 8oz dead blow peen hammer. And what a hammer it is. This is the one for the guys in the welding shop. Or the ones in the automotive industry. It looks and feels like it was manufactured in hades - it's that tough.

A tempered alloy steel head with a crowned face - that Stanley claims eliminates bounce back. Which it does. The handle is reinforced steel, and jacketed in a nice orange colored grip that also does its job - keeps your hand firmly wrapped around the shaft. This is an example of engineering doing what it does best - taking an idea from inception to design to production - and getting it right. The best dead-blow hammer for the money - and in case you want a bigger boy's toy - they start at 4oz and go right up to 52oz.

Stanley 54-508 8 oz Compo-Cast Ball Pein Hammer

54-508 Model Code: AD - Price is for 1 Each (part# 54-508) This item features: -Dead blow steel face ball pein hammer heads are tempered alloy steel with crowned faces for more ...

Only $28.79

Plumb Hickory Ball Pein Hammer - 8 ounce

If you want a good quality ball peen hammer for a little over ten bucks - this one will tick all the right boxes. Tough enough at 8 oz to handle a hard days work, it's entry level price belies the manufacture. The head is ground steel, so plenty strong, and the handle is hickory wood - which is always guaranteed to give both a nice feel and finish.

The Plumb hammer range starts at 4 oz and zips up to a heavy enough 32 oz - and still comes in at well under 20 dollars. It's designed to contend with a multitude of tasks - striking, shaping, straightening and more, and feels as though it's able to handle the task you choose to use it for. A good, all-round ball pein, nothing shoddy or low quality about it - and cheap enough to be classed as the bargain hammer of the lot.

Plumb Hickory Ball Pein Hammer - 8 ounce

184-11496 Features: -Ground, black head.-Polished poles and peins.-For striking chisels and punches, and for riveting, shaping, and straightening unhardened metal.-Handle Type: ...

Only $27.15
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