The Barbeque Grill - An American Tradition

by netlexis

The barbeque grill is as American a tradition as you can get, but there’s no one grill that works for all. What’s your choice, gas, charcoal or electric?

For some, warm weather means one thing… it's time to bring out the barbeque grill! It’s as ingrained in American culture as apple pie and baseball. It’s a much-loved pursuit that’s repeated often. Weekend and weeknight, you’ll find men – and yes women – at their grills.

For many, a grill is not just a cooking instrument, but an extension of their own cooking identity. And the choice of of grills is deeply personal. And the decision of charcoal or gas is just the tip of the ice berg. Small, large, pristine clean or aged to smoky perfection, the choice of a barbeque grill ranks right up there with choosing a mate.

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Grilling Steak

With Gas or Charcoal - Can You Say Yummy?

Which Barbeque Grill Will it Be?

There's No Right or Wrong When Choosing a BBQ Grill

Just as with any other American tradition, there’s real no one tradition. Some folks have fancy grills that never see anything other than high-prices steaks. While others use tiny hibachis to grill up that other great American tradition, the hot do.  

While big and elaborate is nice, not everyone cares about the fancy grill. Many folks are content to build a fire inside a stone circle and throw a wire grill plate on top. For sure it’s a primal urge.

Of course, the right grilling equipment makes everything a lot easier, including the taste. That awesome flavor imparted by grilling makes meats taste better. And vegetables and fruits, too.

Top Barbeque Grills

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What's Your Favorite Type of Barbeque Grill

Gas or Charcoal
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When it comes to that right equipment, though, the choices are mind-boggling. First you have to decide if you like a gas fired grill or will you rely on fire and charcoal.

Then there are the grills. Lots of choices. Two of the top names in grilling are Weber and Coleman. Weber has been around for years is synonymous with grilling. Coleman, is another well-known names, most famous for its camping equipment. But they’re into the grill business in a big way now. There are other names, of course. Char Broil, Cuisnart and George Foremen (yeah, he’s got an outdoor grill, too).

Price is as varied as the choices. If it's cheap you want, then a small, simple hibachi is what you want. But if cost isn't a consideration -- and for many it's not -- than you can create you own outdoor kitchen that rivals  any high-end restaurant.

The Great American Tradition -- Barbeque Grill

A Gallery of Good Eats
Aunt Yoke Ling's Turmeric Chicken, lamb and pork sausages on the BBQ
Aunt Yoke Ling's Turmeric Chicken, la...
Pork chops on the grill
Pork chops on the grill
Grilling Pork
Grilling Pork

When in Doubt, Choose Two or More BBQ Grills

Get What Makes You Happy

Some households have more than one grill – and one type of grill. There have been TV cooking shows based on the battle between gas and charcoal grills. And while there are some folks who would never cross the line, there a many more who find both types of grills to be useful. Sometime it’s about that smoky flavor and others times it’s all about speed.

Often times, however, lots of folks who use their Weber charcoal grill right along with their fancy new Coleman gas grill. After all, it’s all about grilling… the taste, the experience, the American tradition.

Oh, And Don't Forget the Grilling Accessories

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