Bariatric Medical Equipment

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For the obese, trying to live a ordinary life can have a major negative emotional impact. Imagine that wherever you go, you are made to feel that you literally 'don't fit'.

Something as mundane as trying to sit in a normal chair often leads to anxiety and even embarrassment. Basic things such as cars, airplane and bus seats, can be a cause of concern making life a constant struggle for dignity and understanding. More and more, people struggling with obesity want and need bariatric medical equipment specially designed to meet the needs of larger bodies.

Bariatric Medical Equipment

Bariatric Medical Equipment for the Home or Hospital

A large or overweight person who makes use of typical chairs or medical equipment can not only cause damage to the equipment but injure themselves or the caregiver. Bariatric medical equipment is intended to accommodate the physical limitations of obese people -- especially in hospital situations.

If you are the caregiver for an obese person, you must make them comfortable while ensuring both their safety as well as your own. Having a sofa-like armless chair allows an obese person to sit without worrying about personal injury or damage to the furniture while providing a level of comfort. Although technically not considered a bariatric medical equipment, a bariatric recliner is recommended to be available in a home or hospital room with an overweight person.

Bariatric Diet Books

Designed to support heavy weight, bariatric recliners are also wider than regular equipment with sturdy cushions that resist sagging while giving the user sufficient comfort. Most of these special recliners can carry up to 400 pounds, although weight capacity options are also available. They can be obtained from suppliers who specialize in bariatric medical equipment.

The extra-wide examination table is another bariatric medical equipment that is extremely useful in making examinations easier for both the obese patient and medical personnel. Where possible, the table should be attached securely to the floor, or wall, or both, to avoid the hazard of tipping and falling. Oversized gowns should also be available in examination rooms for overweight patients to wear with dignity and comfort.

Heavy Duty Big Lift Recliners

It's Not a Plus Sized World

 Another functional bariatric medical equipment is the large-cuff blood pressure monitor. As regular-sized cuffs are either too small or too tight for obese patients, models with large cuffs are perfect for thicker-sized arms and can provide accurate readings even without assistance.

Obese people who suffer from bladder control disorders can benefit from bariatric diapers or briefs. These products are highly absorbent and intended to accommodate obese persons, providing them with comfort and protection from incontinence while maintaining personal dignity. Different sizes are available, with a maximum size to fit an 84- inch waistline.

Bariatric medical equipment is indispensable in providing healthcare for the obese. As these products are not readily available in general stores, online dealers can supply you with a wide variety of  these specialized equipment according to your needs

Bariatric Advantage Nutritional Supplements

Bariatric Supplements


General Bariatric Medical Equipment

A broader assortment of bariatric medical equipment can now be obtained as more and more people suffer from obesity. A typical example is the bariatric commode, which is designed to be better and easier to use than a regular toilet. It can conveniently support weights of between 400 and 650 pounds, depending on the model.

Bariatric commodes are usually made of powder-coated steel tubing that ensures strength and durability. Armrests provide comfort when sitting and make maneuvering motions easier. Some models have drop-down armrests for easy and safe lateral transfer to and from the commode. Others have padded backrests for added comfort while others have height-adjustable legs. This product comes with a commode bucket with cover and splash guard.

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AgingandDisability on 10/07/2022

@DerdriuMarriner Yes, there are bariatric wheelchairs made to fit larger people. Thanks for asking!

DerdriuMarriner on 10/07/2022

It's impressive the range of bariatric medical equipment -- even comfortable chairs such as those imaged above your subheading It's Not a Plus Sized World.

Would there happen to be bariatic medical wheelchairs?

Skylar Mitchell on 04/21/2015

Hospitals could definitely benefit from having good bariatric equipment. Since there are many patients that need that extra help and comfort, these are really important. Since I work at a hospital on occasion, it would be really great to see if we have enough bariatric equipment. Thanks for sharing more about the different things available, I will try to look into these options!

AgingandDisability on 03/17/2014

@Jeanne Melanson Thank you for commenting!

Jeanne Melanson on 03/16/2014

Thanks for the great information here. There are so many people that are in need of this sort of thing that may not know how easily available things are for them to get. All the best!

AgingandDisability on 03/16/2014

@Carolyn Coleman-Grady Glad it was helpful.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady on 03/16/2014

This is great information thanks for sharing

AgingandDisability on 05/09/2012

@katiem2 I love it. Definitely saves on gas.

katiem2 on 05/08/2012

It's great to realize we have the ease of buying online. My mother always shops online as it helps her meet her needs and she enjoys it. Great tips!

AgingandDisability on 04/29/2012

@sheilamarie You're more than welcome!

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