Bariatric Surgery for Obesity – Guidelines on Cost and Diet

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Bariatric surgery refers to the surgery that causes weight loss.

For many who are suffering from an extreme form of obesity, surgery might be the only option. The phrase surgery actually strikes fear in the hearts but today’s Scientists and Doctors are helping to remove the fear and after effects of any surgery with technological advances in medicine. The many dangers of heavy weight involve lurking perils of heart disease and impaired glucose intolerance leading to diabetes. It would be dangerous to delay the treatment if you are in the range of being called overweight.

The fast food culture and the frantic pace of life have left us with little options. Unable to cook fresh and healthy meals, gorging on junk food that is readily available has become an enormous issue and is responsible for a steep rise in overweight people not only in America but all around the planet.

I remember when I was young there were hardly any eateries, we used to eat only homemade food and cold drinks were a treat once in a blue moon. Now a large number of people drink it every day. Also, fast food restaurants and ready-made food options are available on every nook and corner of the streets. No wonder, we have a short supply of god and healthy food.

Morbid obesity is a term that defines a class of people who are at risk from too much of weight. It is important to understand that the reason people are obese may not be as straightforward as eating too much. The reasons can vary; heredity and sedentary life style can result in excessive obesity too.

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Option of Bariatric Surgery for Obesity


Before considering the option of surgery, take help of dieticians and physicians to reduce weight. Many times, a strict discipline can ward off the evils of high fat content and increased cholesterol levels. Innovative methods, alternative therapy and naturopathy are needed for severely obese adolescents even before they consider any form of surgery. More often, in case of kids this should be the last option.

Obesity can be hereditary for many people, for generations if the family owns a long list of obese members, there is an increased risk of obesity in kids. Neglecting health, diet and exercise can further complicate the wellness of a person. It is a cause that has to be worried about, depression and solitude are not the appropriate ways of treating the disease.

How does Bariatric Surgery Work?


The surgical process of Bariatric surgery is based on a procedure that limits the size of stomach thus restricting the calories intake. The lower consumption of food helps reduce fat of the patients. Of the many types of bariatric surgeries, the Route en Y gastric is considered the safest surgery worldwide.


Bariatric Surgery Cost


On an average the upfront health care price for the surgery approximates to $29,500, it may vary with the pre surgery diagnostics and the post health treatment for patients. It would be prudent to note that this surgery is not covered for insurance claims in many cases. The reason it is not included by many insurance companies is that it is thought to be a case of cosmetic surgery. However; this cannot hold true for many people who undergo this type of surgery on medical grounds. Also long terms medical cost gains of this surgery are not very optimistic according to a recent study and the news. 

Bariatric Surgery Diet


If you have undergone bariatric bypass surgery it has reduce the size of your stomach. Since your stomach is smaller it needs a change in your eating habits. It also changes the way your body digests the food. You will perhaps consume less and your body may not take all the nutrients and calories from the food you eat.

There are specific diet guidelines that you need to follow strictly. It consists of having meals regularly, more often and chewing the food completely before gulping it down. You will be required to adhere to the foods that dietician prescribes. It is a complete life style changes that you need to incorporate.

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/21/2023

It's surprising that insurance companies apparently do not tend to cover bariatric surgery. It seems that it's the last resort to saving someone's life from death by too many pounds/kilograms.

There was mention in your last subheading, Bariatric Surgery Diet, that "There are specific diet guidelines that you need to follow strictly. It consists of having meals regularly, more often and chewing the food completely before gulping it down. You will be required to adhere to the foods that dietician prescribes. It is a complete life style changes that you need to incorporate."

Would there by restrictions on amounts and kinds of drinks?

WriterArtist on 09/18/2013

@ologsinquito - Morbid obesity is an extreme form of obesity, different equipment might be needed, it's optional though. Once the patient loses weight, it may not be required - provided he or she does not put weight again.
Fast food is one of the causes of child obesity which is a great cause of concern.

WriterArtist on 09/18/2013

@Mira - My old neighbour had undergone this surgery, she was obese and nothing would help to reduce the extra flab. I think operation becomes a compulsion sometimes. Thankfully, with the advances in medicine and surgery, it can be treated.

ologsinquito on 09/14/2013

I was also surprised to see how much equipment is needed. It's good that you pointed out one if the main reasons behind obesity, and that is fast food, which does seem to be everywhere.

Mira on 09/13/2013

Getting your stomach to one cup is pretty drastic, but some people have to do it. Interesting article (I was surprised to realize that morbidly obese people need all kinds of equipment around the house) and video!

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