Beach Bedding & Room Decor

by Tehreem

Now its time to welcome the spring season with some delightful Beach themed bedding sets and room makeover.

So far as bedding sets are concerned, most of us seem to prefer our usual printed animal or floral patterned sets- which are definitely pretty but also a safe option to opt for. However, as spring is approaching, maybe it’s time for a little change? Which is why we’ve got an entire collection of beach bedding sets, awaiting you! They come in a variety of prints and colors; and with fish, shell and other similar designs, covered all over them. Beach bedding sets have cool colors such as mint green, light blue and white- all which evoke images of the sea, and give you a feel of the sea and with fresh blowing breeze.

Beach Brisbane Comforter Set

The first beautiful looking bedding set we’ve got for you, would be the Harbor House Brisbane Comforter Set. It comes with a comforter that has a lovely design with a white edge, and pillows that are intricately designed as well. For a bedding set that gives a beautiful, simple and yet very elegant feel, this is one comforter bedding set you should opt for!

Seashell Beach House Set

Another dream come true bedding set we’ve got for you, would be the Seashell Beach House Bedding set. It comes with a comforter with quaint, and yet lovely designs on it, of seashells, seahorses,starfish and other dreamy things all meant to make you think of the calm, deep blue sea! The comforter has a grainy, sand like texture, that however, even as it reminds you of the grit of the beach, is immensely soft to the touch. The bedding set also includes pillows to match the comforter, including a pretty little blue throw pillow!

Pink Green Blue Hawaiian Flowers Beach Set

This bedding set is unique in this range because it is a flowery, light combination of colors and patterns; the pillow is a conglomeration of pink lines, and pale orange and green flowers, while the comforter is a mild, girly, light, and airy mix of pink, green, orange and blue patterns of flowers and design, that look great altogether for the woman who quite simply wants a room that is made pretty by a subtle and yet feminine bedding set!

Bahama Island Botanical Comforter Set

The next floral and yet not overtly feminine bedding set that we’ve got for you, would be the Tommy Bahama Island Botanical Comforter Set. It comes in a mint green shade- a lovely design in that shade in the center of a white edged comforter, with matching pillows and as an afterthought- we’ve also decided to throw in a pretty light green throw pillow for your comfort! It definitely looks pretty, and will surely remind you of a cool spring day spent at the beach, and gives your room a fresh look.

Colorful Sea Quilt Set

This is a multicolored bedding set with a green, white and blue edged and intertwined comforter, with cute fish decorated in the center of the huge pillows that have been thrown in with this set, as well as fish and various colored spots and patterns spattered in the center of the quilt, which give this bedding set a quaint, but nonetheless great feel!

Seashell-themed Beach Bedding

This is one vibrant, mood-lightening and upbeat bedding set! With pillows that have an original and artistic design; fish such as seahorse, jellyfish and whatnot decorated on the pillows in a unique manner, stripey and pretty pillows at the back and a exuberant orange, blue and white quilt that has also been designed in a striking manner, this is one bedding set that will always be sure to lift your mood and your room.

Updated: 09/24/2015, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/18/2014

These are beautiful. I wonder now why I got just some random bedding sets. Should have looked for something more fun. Pinning them under my Christmas 2014 Gifts Ideas board.

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