Beetlejuice Halloween Costumes

by Tehreem

Add some craziness to your Halloween party by dressing up as Betelgeuse-The bio exorcist ghost from the movie Beetlejuice. Find amazing costumes for both men and women.

Beetlejuice is a 1988 American comedy-horror movie which revolves around a young couple who die in an accident and continue to live in their house as ghosts and a truly obnoxious bio exorcist ghost from the underworld named Betelgeuse.
The appearance and acts of these ghostly characters have made them worthy of being a Halloween success. The crazy appearance of Betelgeuse and his cranky acts will add a lot of fun to the horror filled night of Halloween. You can dress up as the bio-exorcist who scares people away from houses and be the life of the Halloween night!

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!

You have to say the name three times in a row to make him appear!

In the movie, Betelgeuse is depicted as a mean and careless ghost who often plays fatal pranks on his victims. He has the ghostly abilities to do magic, levitation and teleportation. He can also fly, shape-shift and regenerate his body parts. What he really enjoys is to conjure objects out of thin air.

The signature suit of Betelgeuse is his white and black stripped suit which he wears with a black tie and white shirt. He has white hair which look like they have been electrocuted!

The Beetlejuice costume featured here is available in large and plus size. The customer reviews tell us that it is an excellent choice and you wont be disappointed in what you get.

Betelgeuse Costume

Beetlejuice Fancy Costume

This costume represents Betelgeuse in one of his many forms which he changes into.

This costume is a maroon old fashioned jacket with attached pants and a white ruffled collar and bow. The pants are also maroon. The shoulders of this suit are inflatable giving the look of Betelgeuse in one of his forms as shown in the picture.

Betelgeuse wig is also included in the package. You can either buy a face mask or gt a makeup expert to transform into the ever cracking character of Beetlejuice!

Inflatable Shoulder Betelgeuse Costume

Betelgeuse Costume Accessories

To complete your Betelgeuse costume you would need to take care of a few things. With the costume done you have to now plan a complete makeover. For this you will need a Betelgeuse hair wig, A face mask or make up kit.

I have found and featured all the items that you would be needing for it.  The wig is an adult sized Betelgeuse hair wig with a latex forehead. It will fit nicely and will stay in place if you buy the right size.

Done with the wig? Get your hands on the Betelgeuse makeup kit to make your face look like him. The make up kit has all the instructions you will need for doing a complete Betelgeuse makeover.

You can also buy the Betelgeuse face mask with attached wig if you do not have time for make over. It will be as good as real and will be a big hit on your smashing parties.

Teenage Beetlejuice Costume

Standard Teen Size
Rubies Costumes Beetlejuice Teen Costume

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Female Version- Go Crazy With It!
Rubies' Costume Co Secret Wishes Beetle Juice Costume
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supermom_in_ny on 01/10/2013

I love Beetlejuice! I couldn't wait to share this funny movie with my kids. We watched it over and over. When Lil Wayne samples the last song in the movie, we couldn't sop laughing. Guess he's a fan too! LOL! :) Thumbs up for you!

katiem2 on 09/27/2012

I love Beetlejuice, Love the character and the movie. Dare I say Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.... oh my just did!

wrapitup4me on 09/27/2012

I just loved Beetlejuice. As many times as my kids wanted to watch it, I was there on the couch right beside them. Thanks for the good memories.

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