Bernina 830 Record Sewing Machine For Sale

by MaryF

I've used a Bernina 830 sewing machine for nearly 40 years. There are good reasons why keen crafters and sewers still want to buy the Bernina 830 sewing machine.

I own a Bernina Record 830 - but I have never bought one. My Bernina was my mother's - she was given it by her soon to be ex husband, as a bribe/gift in 1971. It cost nearly US$1000 at the time - that was an awful lot money. She'd probably be amused to know that those exact same machines sell today on eBay for not a lot less.

The Bernina Record 830 is a design classic, its Bernina's most popular machine for good reason. Althought it was expensive it was the best sewing machine of it day - an 830 is still a much better machine than a new machine that would cost around the same amount of money. Sure it only an "electronic" Bernina because its not a treadle powered, it has an electric motor, but it actually has most of what most people want from a regular sewing machine.

Bernina Record 830 Features

The original Bernina 830 came with a carry case, a manual a foot-pedal, a knee lift, and a box of accessories. The Bernina came with a collection of different feet that included the embroidery foot, a zipper foot, a button hole foot and few others. You can still buy many replacement Bernina parts  today.

The mechanical Bernina Record offers 21 different stitches- you change them by operating the cog like mechanism on the top. In addition you have variable length stitches and variable width of a zigzag stich. There is also an "automatic" button hole. Its probably not as automatic as today's button holes - but it works just fine with a bit of practice!

Original Bernina 830 Records For Sale


Should You Buy a Bernina 830?

If you want a basic tough machine with a good stitch I think the classic Bernina machine is a better bet that a lot of the cheap machines available today. You won't get the fancy embroidery stitches but if you just want to use a a sewing machine to sew it will do everything just fine. If you want to complete the picture spend your money on a serger rather than a fancy computerised machine.

For machine that was made in the 1970's there appears to be no lack of parts or bobbins available. Many new users comment on how quiet the old 830 is compared to modern, computerized machines. 

Bernina Record 830 Manual

Can I Still Get Parts for Bernina Record 830?

Yes you can - Bernina have always had a policy of getting spare parts including motors. Items such as Bernina feet and bobbins are readily available on eBay. The foot peddles apparently sometimes wear out - but mine hasn't - again you can buy them on eBay. The machine itself is precision steel construction. So long as its been regularly oiled the machine will last for another 38 years. There is little plastic on this machine to break. Although the Swiss factory lost some of their spare parts store in a flood some years ago replacement motors for the Bernina Record 830 can also still be bought for a reasonable price.

More About Berninas

Bernina 830 refers to a couple of very different Bernina sewing machines. The original 830 Record came out in the 1970's while the newer, computerised machine was launched in 2008
Looking for a replacement or additional foot for your Bernina sewing machine? Its still very easy to buy old and new style Bernina feet.
Updated: 02/23/2012, MaryF
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