Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

by mysteeqz5

Do you need to shop for a 10 year old boy? What should you get them that they will truly enjoy and play with for a long time.

What is the best gift you can get a 10 year old boy. Ten year old boys have matured slightly but are not yet in the preteen years. They enjoy playing outside, riding their bikes, and anything that can be created and destroyed. They want action and fun. This makes shopping for these boys pure fun.
You can't really go wrong as long as your gift can give them loads of fun. They like to create things that are more complicated, they can follow directions better, and they are more self-sufficient. They expect more out of their toys, because they can do so much more. now as they hit double digits.

Building Toys


Ten year old boys can now build their lego sets on their own and don't need your help as much. I totally appreciate this, I've spent countless hours building lego sets to only have them destroy in a few minutes, and then be requested to build it again when they were younger.

A ten year old appreciates the hard work it takes to build lego sets and is able to take great care of their projects. Keeping it away from their younger siblings is a more difficult task. Star wars or Ninjago sets are both fun and imaginative. Fans of either theme will enjoy the different sets and characters.

If your ten year old does not like either of these sets because they want to build their own creations then get them a box of general bricks. This way they can build whatever they please.

Building Toys


When building, you cannot limit yourself to one type of building material since they all can be used in different capacities. K'nex boxes come with instructions to build a wide array of projects including cars, planes, and other vehicles.

There are also specific sets like the amusement park series and a educational series. Yes, you can learn with K'nex as well. You can learn about simple machines such as pulleys, gears, and levers. Physics has never been more fun.

K'nex Value tub - 400 pieces

Knex Value Tub 400 pieces

Action Toys


What ten year old would not like to send something flying into the air. Why not try a rocket, toys that pack heat and fly far will do best in winning the hearts of young boys.

My boys love anything that will fly. Flying means that they will eventually come crashing back down to the earth. The Ultra Stomp Rocket is best enjoyed outdoors.

Exploring Toys

Snap Circuits

Boys will love creating their own radio, alarm clock, or burglar alarms. This set comes with all different kinds of electronic components. It's up to the child to build as they please. There's an instruction booklet with 300 projects to build. They start out simple and get quite complicated.

There are also other versions of the game for the younger crowd or for those who wish to do more which also vary in price range.

Riding Toys


The ten year old is meant to be on the go, why not help him get there faster by giving him his own set of wheels. Well two wheels should be plenty. A scooter is fun and safe and will bring loads of fun.

A scooter will allow your boy to explore your neighborhood in no time. He'll be able to reach the store or a friend's house in no time at all, there should be no excuses about arriving home late with this.

Action Figures

Chances are that your ten year old boy will like one of these or perhaps all of them. My boys love them all. Action figures give them the chance to use their imagination and use pretend play. The TV or video games does not have to be on for them to enjoy these characters.

They can create lands for them to explore using boxes or other toys as well.

Board Games

Boys don't usually get as excited about board games but once they play it, and see how much fun it is, it can be a great family activity.

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Crissaegrim on 08/18/2012

I feel like a kid again! I'd love to have that Ninjago! =)

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