Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys

by mysteeqz5

Do you have a 5 year old boy to shop for a gift? Is Christmas or a birthday coming up?

Do you have a five year old boy you have to shop for? What would a five year old boy want more than anything else in the world? Something with wheels more likely. Something that can turn them into a super hero. Five year old boys are active with wild imaginations. Use this to your advantage and you can find the perfect gift for them.

Boys are easy to shop for because they like things that move or that they can knock down. You can't go wrong by choosing something that will not only be fun but that will also help them be creative. Five year olds are active, busy boys, make sure that whatever you buy them, it is durable. If they love your gift, it will take a beating.

Cars and Trucks

Cars and trucks are wonderfully engaging to boys. My boys can sit there for hours watching the wheels turn on their cars. They can crash them together or build a track for them to race. They can build huge ramps and see which car goes flying the farthest away. Little cars can be taken on trips and taken for a ride down the slide. Trucks can carry sand and help build sand castles. The possibilities are endless.


Ride on toys are perfect for your little explorer. Just like toy cars and trucks, boys can now actually be in the driver's seat. They can control where they go and have fun doing it quickly. You child may or may not need training wheels, but you can bet they are trying to ride quickly to their destination. Make sure to accompany bikes with a helmet for safety. Boys will fall and they will want to get right back up to do it again.

Don't limit yourself to bikes, scooters, or skateboards would be fun as well.

Spiderman 12 inch Kid's Bicycle

Spiderman 12-Inch Kid's Bicycle

Dress up

By dressing up, you are encouraging imaginative play. Who says costumes can only be worn during Halloween. My son has worn his transformers costume every other day since Halloween. They enjoy pretending and costumes can enhance their pretend play.

They can pretend to be knights or super heroes, it is more fun when they have a weapon to play with as well.

Bumblebee Transformers Costume or Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Play Set

Child 3-D Bumblebee Transformers Cost...Melissa & Doug Knight Costume Role Pl...

Building Blocks

When a boy builds with blocks, it helps with hand eye co-ordination and gross motor skills. They learn to fit and balance, and plan their creations. And when it is all done, it gets knocked down and they start all over again. Blocks are the most versatile toys ever, and they never grow tired of them. They are so durable too.

Lego Duplo Blocks

Lego Duplo blocks are great for your five year old boy. They don't require intricate detail to build, like the regular lego bricks but still have all the fun. Lego Duplo blocks are the perfect size for those tiny hands. They don't require any balancing like wooden blocks because the pieces lock together.

There is a great number of sets to choose from depending on what theme you want to go with or if you just want a box of blocks, it is available.

Buy Dinosaurs


Which boy doesn't love dinosaurs? Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago but still remain fascinating to kids. They were huge creatures and had remarkable defenses or predatory skills. Dinosaurs excite the imagination and they can help your child learn a little about science along the way.


Bugs are gross and icky, what boy wouldn't love them? I'm sure they could scare their siblings or mother with them as well. By hunting bugs, your child gets to know nature and have fun exploring the outside world around them. Bug kits can help them observe these creatures to learn about them further.

You never know what kind of bugs they will catch in your backyard, this can bring hours of joy on those nice summer days.

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