Tips for Breastfeeding Successfully

by mysteeqz5

Are you welcoming a little one into your family? Are you planning on breastfeeding your new bundle of joy? How can you be sure to succeed?

By breastfeeding your baby, you are feeding your baby the best food possible. You will pass along all kinds of antibodies to help your baby ward off illnesses and boost her immune system. Your own milk is easily digested by your baby because it is made specially for her.
Formula attempts to mimic this but is not the best choice for your baby.
What can you expect and what can you do to ensure that your breastfeed your baby successfully?

The First Few Days...

will be the most trying for you as a new mother, however, if you can get past the first few weeks, everything should fall into place...somewhat anyways.

After enduring hours of labor and finally bringing a new life into the world, you feel so relieved. However, it is only beginning. You now have a hungry, crying baby on your hands expecting to be fed.

Have you read everything you can about breastfeeding, you should know what to do, however, this baby is crying and wiggling and things just don't seem to be coming together.

What do you do? Relax. If mommy is stressed, baby will be stressed too. Find a comfortable position, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the perfect latch.

Make sure:

  • you find a comfortable position considering you're now recovering from birth
  • the nipple is pointed to roof of the baby's mouth
  • the baby's mouth is wide open when bringing it to breast
  • baby's tummy is facing you and bum is tucked in
  • to bring baby to breast and not the other way around

Buy a nursing pillow

The nursing pillow is a god sent in those first few weeks. The baby sits on the pillow comfortably while positioned at the exact height for nursing so you don't need to carry her.

This also helps keep baby away from your abdomen which is still feeling tender.

The pillow also helps you position the baby in different positions so that she is properly draining your breasts.

The nursing pillows come with a slip cover that easily comes off and machine washable. There are also different cute and colorful patterns.

How to make sure you succeed

What can you do to ensure that you succeed in breastfeeding your baby?

  • Feed often
  • Don't supplement with formula
  • Keep hydrated

Breast milk is easily digested by the baby so your baby may be eating every 2-3 hours while her tummy is growing. After the birth of your baby, it may take 2-3 days for your milk to come in. Those first few days will be the most difficult because your baby will be on your breast constantly trying to get that milk to come in.

Breast milk production is based on supply and demand, your body makes more once it is used up. To get your milk supply up, your baby has to feed.

As a new mother, I thought my baby was not getting enough milk and began to supplement with formula, it became easier to feed the baby formula and then my milk supply began to decrease. If you want to ensure a steady supply of milk, don't supplement.


Keep Drinking

Keep a glass of water right next to your bed to ensure that you stay hydrated. To produce milk you do not have to drink only milk, water or juice will do. Decaffeinated teas are soothing as well. Just make sure it's decaf because caffeine can be passed along the breast milk.

Breastfeeding Problems

Sometimes you can do the best you can and problems will arise.

Somethings that can go wrong:

  • sore, cracked, bleeding nipples
  • engorgement
  • yeast infection
  • mastitis

Having a baby on your breast for  long periods of time can cause soreness or bleeding, using a lanolin can help ease the soreness and help prevent cracking. If you need something stronger, see your doctor.

To help sore nipples, after a feeding express some milk onto your fingers and place it on and around your nipple and let it air dry. Keep your shirt open to expose your nipples to the air so that they can heal.

Once your milk comes in, your breast are completely full, you need to make sure to feed on demand so that your body adjusts your milk production to your baby's needs.

To help alleviate engorgement you can also express milk with a breast pump or by hand. A good breast pump will definitely help you breastfeed successfully. You can express milk so that your partner join in and help feed the baby as well. You can also used expressed milk for baby's food and cereal later on.

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Enjoy your baby

Breastfeeding is more than just feeding your baby, you get to cuddle and soothe your baby. Baby enjoys being hugged and kissed during her feeding times as well.

Relax and enjoy your baby now because before you know it they will be all grown up.

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