Best Way for Baby to Sleep

by mysteeqz5

You've prepared the nursery for you new arrival and it looks wonderful. But is it safe to have those blankets, toys, or pillows in there with the baby?

What is the best way for your baby to sleep? What can you have in the crib? Nothing. There should be absolutely nothing in the crib with the baby. End of story.

Those crib sets are all for show, they should not be used in the crib with the baby. The comforter is too big and thick for the child, it can easily come up and cover the baby's face. If it is chilly, dress your baby in warmer clothes while she is sleeping. You can use a light blanket for her. I also like to put the baby closer to the bottom of the crib and tuck in the blanket all 3 sides. This way the baby can't kick and dislodge the blanket to get it in her face.
The bumpers for the sides of the crib are unnecessary since the baby is not rolling to the sides in the first months, and if she does you don't want her to be smothered by them.

Are you worried about how your baby is sleeping?

Make sure your baby is sleeping on her back. You do not need to place anything in the crib to ensure that she stays in that position. I know that there are baby positioners out there, however, it just is not needed. And you never know, they may become dislodged and end up being harmful to the baby.

Any toys or stuff animals should not be in the crib as well. You are better off installing a mobile or some kind of musical toy to the outside of the crib to soothe your child to sleep. It'll be a little while before you baby will be reaching and playing with her toys.

Does your baby need a pillow? Not at all. Does your baby need something to keep her on her back? No again. I am absolutely against having anything in the crib with baby. Your baby should be sleeping on her back. Babies are unable to roll over for another 4 months or so, they are not going to be moving very much from that position. If they do, I wouldn't want them to roll into something and be unable to get out of it.

The best way for your baby to sleep is without anything in her crib. Crib bedding sets and toys are nice for decorating the nursery, however, once your baby is asleep in her crib, there should not be anything else in there with her.

If you're interested in tips on co-sleeping or other baby care information visit my blog.

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Safe way for baby to sleep

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mysteeqz5 on 07/17/2012

Thank you. Sorry to hear about your grandmother's loss.

BrendaReeves on 07/16/2012

This is such important information. My grandmother lost a baby due to co-sleeping. It's great of you to put this information out there.

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