Electronic Snap Circuits - Educational or not?

by mysteeqz5

What are electronic snap circuits and what can they be used for?

Is electronic snap circuits an educational toy or is it fun as well? Your child can use it to play and learn at the same time. Why should your child spend time with video games or the TV when they could be learning. Learning does not have to be boring, children can learn about electronics with Snap Circuits.
They will learn about the different components and use these skills to build amazing projects. This toy is great for kids of all ages because there are different sets geared for different ages.

What age is Snap Circuits for?

That's the beauty of snap circuits, there are a variety of kits that you can purchase based on different prices. The recommended age for the junior level kit is 8 and up but I'm sure a 6 or 7 year old would be fine as well. You can build 100 projects with this kit.

The kit comes with an instruction booklet that starts with very basic projects and then increases with difficulty. It is a simple diagram of the set-up and definitely easy to follow.

My son was able to try this out in a co-op setting and had a blast.

Snap Circuit 300

This is the kit I purchased for my son when he was 8 years old. This was a good choice for him because I wanted it to last for a bit.

You can build 300 projects with this kit. There are different alarms, light arrangements, and you can even add an fm radio and have it send out different signals. It's pretty cool.

My younger son, who is 5, is fascinated by it.

There's More

If you are not satisfied with building 300 different projects, they even have and 500 and 750 kit as well. The possibilities are endless.

Also, if you already have one of the lower levels, they have conversion kits so that you can upgrade your set. How awesome is that.

We're are content with ours for now, but I know I'm going to be purchasing one of these down the line.

One thing that the Snap Circuits kits don't have is a teaching manual that explains what all the different components do. I believe you can purchase a teacher's guide from their website though which does explain everything. This is the only con I have for this toy.

The pieces are very durable and I have boys who are pretty rough with their toys. The components just snap into place making it very easy to assemble.

There are also additional accessory kits that add different components to your original site to expand the number of projects you can build.

What are you waiting for, get your child one of these so that he or she can learn and play at the same time.

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