Best Hamster Cages For Sale

by TonfaGuy

What are the best Hamster Cages for sale that will give the very best Hamster Habitat and the best Hamster Environment for your little pet.

There are literally hundreds of Cages for sale on the internet today and choosing the right one for you pet is no mean feat.
But getting the right balance between comfort and giving your little pet a stimulating, adventurous and safe environment needs a lot of thought to ensure you beloved pet Hamster has a happy, healthy life with you.

Do you have a pet Hamster.?

Are you a modern modular habitat or Old School DIY cage..?

Basic requirements for a Hamster Cage

What is the minimum you will need when choosing the best Hamster cage for sale.

My very first piece of advice before you purchase a new home for your pet is simple:

Always remember your pet Hamster will grow up and want to explore more and more new environments to keep him happy and healthy. He will want to build stuff and make himself a little home and a den.

best hamster cage funny hamsters

That being the case, it is extremely important to give him a stimulating place to live, play and explore.


A bored Hamster is a unhappy Hamster

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The best types of Hamster Cages

I recommend buying a cage setup that can be extended

There a a few manufacturers who now sell modular, universal rodent cages that enable you to change the living environment and add to it by extending the whole layout and generally offering your little pet a more stimulating place to live.

In my opinion the Hamster Cages shown below are by far the best kind of habitat on sale today.

They offer a basic cage setup that can be extended to give different areas on different levels.

There are runs and connecting routes that are just right for when your Hamster has a mad moment and goes for a run around.

There are even toys and accessories to keep him fit and active.

So what's a good Hamster Cage.?

In my experience I would always recommend extendible habitats and CrittaTrial makes great equipment that the little fellow will love.

It's very easy to put it all together and safe for your Hamster to run around in.

The best part is you don't have to buy it all at once and you can change the layout whenever you want to help prevent him getting bored.

A typical, good quality, Hamster cage

I love CrittaTrail equipment.

Keep them active

With modular habitats I find it's very easy to keep you Hamster amused, interested and happy in his surroundings as there are some great accessories to add to his general home layout that will give him hours of fun exploring the different bits you add on.

It's always amusing watching them when you add some new cage accessory especially if it's exercise equipment - they are really funny with new stuff..!

CrittaTrial add ons and accessories

You can easily extend your his home and give him lots to do by adding some of the great accessories available for your CrittaTrial set-up. There are loads to choose from and the best bit about these type of Hamster Habitats is you can add them slowly

Don't forget the little extras

CrittaTrail do some really cool special add-ons wothin their cage range that can make your life easier as well.

I like the Super Pet Potty.. Yes, really, a potty for your Hamster.

They will use it and it will save you time when cleaning out.

I actually have three of these - one in use, one in soak being washed and the third all ready and waiting for a quick change when needed - they are not hugely expensive and well worth the time you save when investing in three potties.. 

Special add ons for extra Hamster care

You aint seen nothing yet..!

Check out these great Hamster Cage set ups.

Do you like these Hamster Habitat's.?

Would you like to have your Hamster live in such splendour and excitement...!?
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Yes please, he would love it..
arjun.g.shenoy on 10/22/2013

i do liked it. i felt it better

and finally....

It's your job to give them a good, clean interesting place to live - that will keep your Hamster happy..
Dancing Hamsters
Dancing Hamsters

Find out more

For more information on Hamster care and all their requirements click here to go to my Golden Hamster Care page.

There are tips and advice along with some great Hamster products.

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TonfaGuy on 01/23/2013

Glad you enjoyed it.

Jerrico_Usher on 01/22/2013

Great article! thumbs up :)

katiem2 on 01/22/2013

Pretty cool, I can imagine the many happy hamsters just thinking about these nice cages. Fun for both pet and pet owner. :)K

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