What Do Turtles Eat

by TonfaGuy

Looking after pet Turtles is a great fun hobby, so knowing all the Turtle facts is important. But what do Turtles eat and how important is good Turtle care for these little fellows

This page is for anyone who keeps pet turtles.
Or for anyone who is thinking of starting up a hobby, looking after and keeping these funny little fellows.
But, be warned - it is not that easy when starting out, but this guide will cover the basics of Turtle care from 'What Do Turtles Eat' to essential Turtle Facts and get you on the right track from the word go.
Once you have mastered how to keep your pet turtles they will give you hours of enjoyment.

What do Turtles eat to keep healthy

How to choose the right Turtle food.

hoosing the correct types of food for your pet Turtle is very important in order to keep them in tip top shape and prevent any illness that can be attributed to bad nutrition. But not all turtles are the same and not all Turtles will eat the same - it varies from Turtle breed to Turtle breed.
All will be well if they get the right amounts of daily vitamins and minerals, whether this is directly through there food you give them or by ways                                                              of supplementing their diet, is up to you.the complete turtle guide book It is quite often a very good idea to supplement their diet just to be on the safe side.


Most Turtles will have a long life expectancy so this is important -


When you decide on keeping Turtles you must remember that they will live for many years, maybe, even your entire life.!! 
They are prone to a few deseases, generally nothing to serious, but key to their good health is the food you provide and the Turtle care you give them.
Giving your Turtles a nice tank with different areas for them to sleep, swim and relax are essential. A nice basking area with a UV light to keep them warm is another of my essential items I highly recommend

But learning all about your Turtle care is very important to ensure you give them the best care you can.

Give your Turtle a bit of luxury

A basking platform will let them relax for a while after a strenuous day at the office..!
Fluker's Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Food, 7.5-Ounce - Id...
Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle UVB Heat Lighting Kit

So what do Turtle eat

If you are looking after aquatic Turtles, they will require a diet based around fresh leaf type greens and most other fresh vegetables. Some other Turtle breeds will need to eat worms along with nice fresh vegetables to keep them healthy. But, with a Turtle, exactly what hey can eat will vary quite a bit between species and their natural environment  as to exactly what they will eat. Variety is the spice of your Turtles life when it comes to their food, as changing and rotating their feed will help keep them happy chappies..
Turtles will get most of the vitamins and minerals that they require from their fresh food, but one essential mineral they cannot get easily is Calcium and you will find a lot of Turtle keepers will leave a calcium block inside their tank as a supplement for them. Other calcium sources can be a small cuttlebone or any kind of shell that's crushed up for them. Oyster and egg shell are good and so is small blocks of plaster.turtle on rocks
But the most important food for your pet Turtles in clean, fresh water. It's best to refresh it daily and put it in a shallow bowl for them, somewhere in a dry area where they can reach it easily, that way it is much easier for  them to drink out of.
Now, depending on what the breed is, I think it's very important to do your research on that breed and their particular, special requirements when it comes to the question of 'what do Turtles eat', so the the reference book below is a very good starting point for all us novice turtle keepers and well worth the investment.

The complete guide to Turtle care

A good reference book is always worth while regardless of the pet you keep.

This range of guide books covers just about every aspect of Turtle care imaginable and is full of very good information for seasoned Turtle keepers as well as essential Turtle facts for anyone just starting out keeping pet Turtles.

     The book covers:

  • Buying turtles as pets
  • What do Turtles eat
  • Choosing the right Turtle food
  • Constructing the perfect Turtle tank
  • Complete Turtle care


The Complete Turtle Guide Book

Happy Turtle Keeping ........

  I hope you have enjoyed reading this

'What Do Turtle Eat' article



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CountrySunshine on 05/22/2015

I have 5 adult box turtles, and 2 babies. They live in my flowerbed, and eat tomatoes, bananas, apples and other goodies. They also love bugs of all kinds, especially grasshoppers! I agree that it is important to do research on what type of turtle you have so you can feed them correctly.

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