Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

by TonfaGuy

Reduces the 'not so nice' flavours found in your tap water. The Brita Water Pitcher is the answer. But you must have a supply of the Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Filter as well

The Brita Water Pitcher is the answer to clean filtered water and thousands of people use them day in day out for their fresh clean water with no fuss at all.
In fact, using the Brita Pitcher couldn't be any more easier if they tried. By filling the pitcher straight from the kitchen tap you have (depending on Pitcher type) 8x 8oz - 10x 8oz glasses of clean water per full Pitcher.
However, the filter, which is at the heart of the Brita Water Pitcher, is universal to all Pitchers and delivers some 40 gallons of clean, clear, filtered water.

Did You Know..?

Brita are the worlds leading water filter specialists.
But, did you know  Every single Brita filter used in home today will helps reduce the waste by substituting approximately  300 water bottles.!html codes for wizzley


Do you use filtered water

Do you cut down on your bottled water and reduce you bills using filtered water..?

Brita Water Filter bulk buys

Your replacement filters are available as a single unit, 3,4,5,6  or in a 10 pack  - obviously there is a good saving when buying the ten pack - but considering a single filter will give 40 gallons of filtered water, which is approximately 2 months usage, you will have an 18 month supply on tap (pardon the pun..!)

preview the 4 pack here

How to Enhance the Quality of Your Drinking Water

THE BAD NEWS - Most tap water contain impurities that we really don't want.
THE GOOD NEWS - using a Brita filter will give you the natural benifits of water without all those impurities that we all don't want.
A Brita Water Filter will substantially reduce the amounts of unwanted impurities in your tap water and decrease both the smell and taste of chlorine. They are engineered to grab hold of lead, cadmium, zinc, copper and mercury, leaving you with clean water that's got that fresh taste every time.

Correct ways to use your Brita Water pitcher and Filter

Firstly, if your a large family I would suggest having two Pitchers which will require you ensuring you always have a spare filter to hand.
here are a couple of very simple things to remember when using the water filter:

If this is your first Brita Water Filter


1/ Flushing: This is easy to do but always do it - soaking and then flushing are all part of the replacement procedure - failing to do this can leave some small black speck of the charcoal filter system floating in your nice clean water pitcher. 

2/ Moist: Always ensure that the filter is kept moist and never let it dry out. As long as the bottom of the filter is still in some water you'll be fine.

3/ Temperature: Never pour hot or even warm water in the pitcher, this will wreck the filter.

How much can you save using the Brita Filtered Water.?

In one word - LOTS OF MONEY.!  
You will get 40 gallons (US) of clean water per Brita Replacement Filter. Now that's 320 pints,which equals an amazing 100 x 3 pint of bottled water....! In metric that's a huge 100 of the 1.5 ltr bottles. And how much does a 1.5ltr bottle of water cost in you store.?

 Makes sense to get your water with a filtered pitcher 

Brita commercial showing plastic bottle usage

In my opinion - the Brita Water Filter is a 5 star product and will save you heaps of money.


to view the full range of Brita  Water Pitcher Replacement filters, click the link below:

 Preview Brita Water Filters right here

The range of Brita Grand 80-Ounce Water Filtration Pitcher

Brita offer a full range of pitcher colours to suit your kitchen

The ultimate water filter for the larger family.

Brita Ultramax 18-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher - still uses the standard Brita Filter
Updated: 02/05/2013, TonfaGuy
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Topbestreviews on 08/20/2014

They are convenient to use. I especially like the green one. It seems good in my kitchen.

TonfaGuy on 02/13/2013

They are good eh..
The red looks particularly good in our kitchen..

katiem2 on 02/12/2013

My Mom got me hooked on the Brita Water Pitcher. She always has a full pitcher in her frig. It does make water taste better and it's nice knowing its pure clean healthy water. I like the hot trendy new colors. :)K

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