Best Digital Kitchen Scales

by TonfaGuy

Great recipes use ingredients mixed to exactly the correct amounts. That's why you must use the very best digital kitchen scales to serve up that perfect dish.

I love to cook. In fact there's rarely a day goes by when I am not beavering away in the kitchen producing something new.
Originally, in my early years, I would grab a handful of this and a handful of that and just throw it all together. Sometimes it worked - more often then not, it didn't.!
That's how I learned my cooking.
But now I find I want everything to turn our right first time. Especially as I'm doing a lot of my cooking from recipes out of the many cookbooks available nowadays.
This 'new' way of cooking has led me on a bit of a mission, as all the top recipes require the ingredients to be measured..!
Of course, the mission was to buy, not only the correct, but, best digital kitchen scales available today.
This is what I found:

Important requirments when choosing the best digital kitchen scales

My personal top 5 list of what to look out for before buying

1 - Number 1 requirement for your kitchen scales is accuracy
2 - The scales must lightweight and easy to move about the work surface
3 - The measuring surface needs to be big enough for a large plate base
4 - All surfaces must be easy to get to for cleaning
5 - Must have a 'zero' function - for ingredients only measurement

So what digital kitchen scales did I choose.?

After much resurch (well, as much as you can do on kitchen scales) I decided on the EatSmart Precision Pro - This is a multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale that has a larger than normal weight capacity of some 11lb.

Why do I recommend the EatSmart Precision Pro

* Firstly, it will give you weight displays in ounces/lbs/grams/kgs, which I find very useful as I have several cook books that use both metric and imperial.  

* The accuracy is spot on - I tested mine with 'cooks weights' and found it exact, although the manufacturers do say accurate to within 0.5 oz / 1 gram.. 

* The 'zero' function is an excellent feature - you just put your bowl on first and zero the digital display, then you only get the weight of ingredients. 

* After six months I haven't needed to change the batteries and I use my scale a lot. 

* Cleaning is very easy and simple - the plastic body is just wipe clean - 


Final conclusions

You can't go far wrong with this kitchen gadget and it's easy to see why it has an average 5 star rating from over 3,800 user on Amazon
from my experience it's definitely
The Best Digital Kitchen Scales - EatSmart Precision Pro 

You can also get these from eBay too..

  I hope you enjoyed my review.



Updated: 02/01/2013, TonfaGuy
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BrendaReeves on 01/30/2013

Very nice review. I look forward to reading some more of your articles.

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