Latest Zumba Apparel for 2013

by TonfaGuy

Be the best dressed, at your next Zumba Workout with the Latest Zumba apparel for 2013. Out with the old ZumbaWear and in with the new 2013 Zumba Apparel

New year, new you, new fashion - This is a glimpse of the latest fashion in the Zumba world of dance and exercise. Looking good is a big part to training hard at your zumba workouts and this years Zumba Apparel is right out there waiting for you.
As we all know Zumba clothing is very "loud", very "colourful" but above all very "Functional".
It's designed for working out, for dancing, stretching and movement. In fact everything Zumba.

Look cool in this years Latest Zumba Apparel

For those of you who have read my other Zumba pages, "Zumba Music Playlist'  and "Latest Shoes for Zumba" you will be aware that my informed comments, reviews and opinions come straight from a seasoned Zumba chick, namely .... my wife. 
A fashion guru and Zumba devotee of the highest standard. So I'm sure you are going to like the Zumba clothing thats the latest offering for all you fashion conscious Zumba people out there.

All the tops and pants are available in different colours and sizes and are shaped to fit like a dream


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Latest Zumba Apparel for 2013 - Workout Tops

Made from a mixture of natural and man made fibres to give comfort ( 90% cotton ) and super flexible stretch ( 10% spandex ).
Zumba Fitness Women's Let Loose Racer...Zumba Fitness LLC Women's Vibrant V-N...

Legging and Pants - Zumba Apparel

All designed to "move with the groove" - these Zumba tops, leggings and cargo pants will stretch and still remain comfortable all through your Zumba workout no matter what level of Zumba class you are at.
All the tops and pants are available in different colours and sizes and are shaped to fit like a dream

Bolero and Long Sleeve.

Zumba fitness wear that's ideal to wear over your normal workout clothes.  The 'Captivate Zip Up Hoodie" has a choice of two main colours - Plum and Buff -  and is a full zip up to the neck, while the Bolero also comes in a choice of two colours - Mulberry and Black.
These tops sport the great trademark Zumba logo and are perfect for your pre and post workout wear. The long sleeve Captivate Zip Up Hoodie is also a great top to wear leaving the gym or after your Zumba workout to avoid rapid cooling down.

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katiem2 on 01/29/2013

Nice Zumba apparel :)K

Mira on 01/27/2013

Nice page! Looking on Amazon at two of your outfits, I see there is a Zumba Fitness LLC. Great marketing move!

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