Zumba Workout Videos

by TonfaGuy

Regardless of your fitness level, there are a complete range of Zumba Workout Videos available for you to start your exercise and training program right in your own home.

If you are a complete beginner, starting any sports program can appear daunting and Zumba classes are no exception. If you have every watched a Zumba class then you will agree they are full on, fast paced and oozing with energy.
But.... not everyone can make it to a Zumba class.
Generally there are three main reasons for not attending the Zumba exercise classes.
1/ There are no classes being run in your area.
2/ You don't feel comfortable starting or joining in with a exercise class.
3/ you prefer to exercise by yourself
If any of these reason are you - then there is an answer..
Zumba Workouts at home

What is Zumba


For the uninitiated, Zumba is a form of exercise that involves lots of movement to Latin/Samba music that is very distinctive to the Zumba style. But, not being able to go to classes, can be a problem. This is where training at home comes into its own. This Exhilarate Shaping Sytem is designed for the home user and is divided into different exercise programs, all designed for different fitness or age levels. But with a core goal of improving overall body fitness, strength and suppleness.


What do you get with the Zumba Workout Videos


All the Zumba information is supplied in one pack. This pack contains the Exhilarate Body Shape System with the normal four DVD disk set plus a bonus DVD - which actually means it's a five disk set really.!  

Each DVD is a fully guided Zumba workout and includes:


  • A guide for you to learn the basic Zumba steps
  • A full Zumba workout class that's designed as a starter class and lasts for 45 minutes 
  • A full Zumba workout using the toning weights
  • A 'exhilarate' rhythmic workout
  • The bonus DVD is an extra 20-minute workout combining Zumba and the toning weights and links to a weight loss program guide,

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Important Zumba Workout points -

One last important point - when working out and especially when doing the various dance style moves that are associated with Zumba, it is very important to have the the correct workout clothing and footwear.
zumba pantszumba shoes


 Zumba Apparel                    Shoes for Zumba

This video shows some of the Zumba moves

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Mira on 01/27/2013

I like the way you devised this page! It's a good presentation of zumba and the zumba DVDs. I also like that you wrote two other pages on zumba clothes and shoes.

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