Best iPhone 4S Cases and Covers

by Laura_Philips

The best iPhone 4S cases and covers for your apple smartphone.

If you have bought an iPhone then you know the importance of protecting your investment. If you have a good iPhone 4S case you can save yourself any from accidentally damaging your phone or cracking the screen.

Your phone is probably one of the most expensive items (other than maybe your car) that you use several times a day and for most of us, having something happen to your phone would be a big expense and inconvenience to say the least.

Below are the best iPhone 4S cases available for your phone.

Best all round protection for your iPhone

When it comes to all round protection the Lifeproof iPhone case for 4/4s offers a lot, it's waterproof, shockproof, snow and dust proof. That's a lot of proof for a fairly lightweight case!

It's available in a range of colors too so it's a bit more versatile than other brands and makes a change from black, silver and white as standard.

Lifeproof cases are tested to military standard too so they are durable and strong enough to withstand a reasonable amount of knocks and drops. We're not saying it will survive if you run over your phone with your car but then what would?

It's one of the best iPhone 4S cases available and waterproof so your phone is protected if you drop it in the hand-basin or worse!

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4S Case

The Otterbox Defender iphone case is compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. This case is one of the most popular iPhone cases and offers three layers of protection for your smartphone, the outer shell is silicone and the inner layers consist of polycarbonate.

The volume control, headphone jack and power button are all protected with plugs to keep your phone protected from dust and dirt clogging the openings.

There is also a built in screen protector and the case is available in a range of different colors

Overall the Otterbox defender case series for iPhones is a great all round everyday use cover.

Case-Mate Tank Rugged Case for iPhone 4s

The Case Mate iPhone case is a military standard designed case with a retractable screen shield, polycarbonate hard outer shell and a shock absorbing silicone interior designed to protect your smartphone, the design was inspired by motorcycle helmets engineering.

This is one tough case, ideal for construction workers or anyone who works in a similar field. 

Watch The Video and Decide

Do you Believe the Case Mate Tank can protect your iPhone from the Stunts in The Video and why?
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Best Waterproof Case for Outdoors

Joy Factory's RainBallet iPhone 4S case is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or at the beach. It's waterproof and can be used to take photos and video underwater which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to take photos in different weather conditions. 

The case is also a snug fit for the iPhone with built in shock resistance to help protect your iPhone from damage should you drop it by accident.

However I found that while the case is good for taking photo's in water and staying dry, it's does block sound a bit.

This case is ideal for special use around water but is not as good for everyday use as sound is muffled

Do You Have a Case for your iPhone 4S?

Updated: 09/03/2012, Laura_Philips
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Rose on 01/21/2014

The waterproof case looks like the most useful one

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