Best Kinect Games for Kids

by Tehreem

Get your children to play the motion sensor Kinect games which can provide them healthy exercise in a fun way

So far as games are concerned- KINECT games, which are a recent phenomena, provide you with a wide selection for your kids. If you have toddlers to entertain, you might want to check out Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, or if you have energetic young children, you may want to look at DisneyLand Adventures, or Just Dance 3. However, we’re sure there are some KINECT game out there, for everyone! Personally I have always enjoyed watching my son playing games which can not only be fun but provide him with a physical exercise.

Kinect Rush: Disney Pixar

The first Kinect game to watch out for would be KINECT RUSH: A Disney Pixar Adventure- Xbox 360. This game incorporates the respective worlds of five different Disney movies, and enables you to scan yourself as a character yourself in any of them! The movies range from Cars, Toystory, Rataouille and The Incredibles, and what’s even greater is that you are allowed multiplayers- or you can simply use the help of one of your new animated friends to solve a mystery or overcome an obstacle!

Your Shape Fitness Evolved


A second game would be Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012- Xbox 360. A game that allows you to design a workout based on your body needs, your hectic schedule and your goals on how fit you would like to be.

It provides you with well over 90 hours of fitness enhancing exercises, which include specific ones for those areas that need shaping- be it your aching back, arm muscles or legs.

A state of the art motion tracking device also gives you information on how well you’re doing, as well as instructions on the floor exercises to make you feel slimmer, healthier and feel good!

Kinect Sports

Another game guaranteed to make you move would be KINECT Sports- a football game that demands you make your best moves in the game in order to win and that you kick the ball to the goal in order to score as many points as possible.

A game that football fans shouldn’t miss or in fact anyone simply looking for some recreational exercise,KINECT Sports is a game you should definitely look for!

Dance Central Xbox 360


A musical game that would simply enable you to let loose. It comes with a soundtrack featuring all the latest songs, and provides the player with unique routines that allow you to learn different dance moves if you’re a beginner or simply gain new ideas even if you’re a professional dancer and simply hoping to find inspiration someplace!


A different and more adorable game would be Kinectimals- a game meant for animal lovers- or in the case of children, aspiring animal lovers. We may usually be afraid of wild beasts, and for a child, nothing can be more terrifying than a large, snarling tiger.

However, this game allows your child to fulfill their fantasy of taming a beast on their own, by allowing them to interact with a beautiful and realistic looking tiger.

They can talk to him, make him feel better when he’s lonely and upset, play with him or simply even hang out with him on a sandy beach. So what are you waiting for? Time to coax your frightened and shy child away from his fears!

Power Up Heroes

To continue with the energy driven fest of Kinect games, we offer you Power Up Heroes- Xbox 360. A game that allows your avatar character to turn superhero and master a medley of powers, this is a highly charged and entertaining game.

You can use the light blue controller provided in the game to make your next move, launch projectiles and use the Full Body Brawl to either assault the enemy yourself, ask a friend to do it, or simply agilely leap from place to place, dodging the villain’s attacks until you can defeat them all by yourself!

The game also allows you to enhance your powers by vanquishing evil foes such as a power driven giant bird and by collecting their powers, use it to eventually defeat all the evil powers in the game!

Updated: 06/17/2015, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/22/2014

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