Top 6 Farming Games for Kids

by Tehreem

Pick you favorite crop and enjoy the real farm life while setting up your own farming business

In recent years, farming games have become something of a trend- it started out in 2009 with the onset of the popular Facebook game, Farmville. People enjoyed maintaining their very own farms, growing plants and crops no longer became something boring- but something which sparked your excitement and interest! Grow crops, breed animals, earn ‘Deere dollars’ and expand your business in the most innovative way, learn real farm life and expertise through the eyes of an actual farmer who just wants to make it work in the rollicking hills of a lush green countryside.

We provide you with wide array of options if you are into Tycoon Games.

Farm Frenzy Forever Pack

The first mega fun-filled farming game. It comes with a roller coaster of movie related games- watch your child amuse themselves playing Level 1 of the first Madagascar movie and immerse himself in ensuring that all the animals safely reach Madagascar-along with the precocious penguins! Other amazing features offered in this game would be over 850 levels that you can be repeatedly played. You watch your kids drive high speed vehicles over any building or engage in the production of any kind of plant or produce!

A vast variety of Gangster games all set to thrill you and guarantee a quality gaming experience.

Ranch Rush - PC

A relaxing and very realistic computer game that will be sure to teach your child the simple pleasures of even a pursuit such as farming, would be Ranch Rush-PC. The game contains multiple levels with a set of activities that will enable your child to both learn and have fun- watch or join in, as your child collects ostrich eggs, learns how to grown wheat and make their own bread or even understands the patience of making their favorite tomato sauce- by themselves! And it’s not just that.

This game also helps your child understand the economic profits to be expected from such hard work- except of course minus all the boring stuff! 

With an increase in both farm produced and the amount of money they rack up from selling what they’ve collected or made off their farm, your kids should soon discover that farming is interesting- in every way!

Dairy Dash JC

A great game that we’ve got for your kids to try a different experience, would be Dairy Dash JC. It features the city dwelling Smith family who’ve just moved to the country and need to adapt to the rigors of country living. Considering the fact that this game teaches a unique experience, this game will surely enliven your child- their eyes will glow afresh as they too learn in four realistic settings, how to adjust to country life- and how to have fun there at the same time!

They will also learn more about different plant types and animal species- it may be rural but there is after all, a lot more to see and know then there ever would be in the big city!

Farming Simulator - PC

A truly realistic computer game that is guaranteed to really enable your child to learn about the hard work and joys involved in farming, would be Farming Simulation PC.

You play the role of an actual farmer and not only watch through his eyes what it is to be in charge of a large, busy farm in the middle of some flourishing green country, but you also feel the heavy and very real responsibility associated with it, as well as the actual happiness that comes with expanding your business.Your child wont just write off the game as a humble attempt to learn the art of farming- they’ll discover the importance of business as well.

In the game, your child starts off a small variety of machines and vehicles; tractors and the like, and this helps him or her start off with a small business that eventually expands- the choices available to your child grow with every level and pretty soon, with all the hard work they’re putting in, they’ll feel the satisfaction of profits as well!

John Deere: Drive Green - PC

A truly innovative game would be John Deere: Drive Greene-PC. You can now pick from over 15 John Deere vehicles and implements to not only learn- but to do the best job on the farm, growing soybeans, harvesting corn or even simply baling hay! With the unique idea of ‘Deere Dollars’, your child will learn both the value and work associated with money and running your own business- every time you score over a new level in the game, you win more Deere dollars that will help you expand your business and make you earn more profits! A very commendable game indeed; if you intend on teaching your child the precious feeling that comes with owning and maintaining your own business!

Farm Frenzy Harvest Pack

This game allows you to really have some fun and let loose your imagination. All you have to do is utilize your creative side in growing your very own farm. Maintain your farm by expanding the range of plants you grow, the kinds of animals you breed- make deals with firms and farms both home and abroad and enjoy yourself not only harvest more crops or raise more horses- but know the real pleasure of sealing a deal and making lots of money out of it!

Updated: 06/17/2015, Tehreem
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