Top 8 Gangster Games 2018

by Tehreem

A vast variety of Gangster games all set to thrill you and guarantee a quality gaming experience.

Gangster games had an obvious precursor: Gangster movies. One of the most well known gangster movies of all times, would be the 80s Godfather series which showcased Marlon Brando in one of his very best and well known roles after playing Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire. This movie set the precedent for all other Mafia movies; bank heists, tragic love stories, close knit families wound into their lives of deceit and infamy have all resulted in most of us having a taste for some red, red blood and the gritty classy feeling that always accompanied these movies! This is where our desire for Gangster thrills led us to Gangsta PC games, all guaranteed to ensure that you do indeed get to satisfy that lust for suited up figures and villainous Gangsters playing out their best!

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Grand Theft Auto V

The first gangsta game that we’ve got just to please you, is this Grand Theft Auto V. It enables you to not simply be able to switch characters around you with a mere touch of the button, but also allows you to know the best cars to steal and how to do so in a manner that is quicker, effective and much easier! Furthermore, players can also relax and participate in a series of activities such as yoga, jet skiing and yoga; all guaranteed to make you relax and let loose after a series of hard living fighting games!

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The Godfather the Game

This game enables you to be able to relive the pleasure of the Godfather days! A tribute to the classic 1980's gangsta movie venture the game brings back to life the domination and life as shown by Marlon Brando when you rob banks, make decisions that will be certain to affect your mob family in every way, and have car heists on various stores; plundering, looting and getting the most you can! Now you can use your weapons of cunning and deceit to become Number One in the evil gangsta department!

Mafia II - Complete Edition

This is the classic villainous bad boy game; it features gangsters in suits, the typical 1920s Fedora hats, canes, and war machine guns with the legendary old fashioned cars; play this game and encircle the world in fact as you tour round America and Italy, getting out with the best and learn how to tough it out with some of the meanest thugs out there!

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LA Noire - Complete Edition

The next great Gangsta game that we’ve got to please you would be the French inspired game, La Noire. While the name may sound sexy, the game definitely has a grittier basis with a tragic love story, that is reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s Public Enemy and a combination of Moulin Rouge, this is one game that will be certain to have your head spinning in circles! However, this game will finally determine whether you’re gangsta or not as you fire from big guns and have fun like all the rest!

Omerta: City of Gangsters

This game is based on the historic city of Atlanta and the gangsta games that used to take place there in the 1930s when a reordering of the old world started to take place; the game allows you to do something very smart and very Machavellian in fact before you start the real work; you get to re-plan and re structure the city and lay out the foundations of the whole place before you begin your super bad gangsta activities of plundering, looting and cheating the supposedly honest townspeople of Atlanta.

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Gangsters 2 - PC

This is one hell of a gangsta PC game having an integrated approach from big movie buffs such as Marlon Brando and the rest of the Godfather or other gangster, bad boy classics from the 1950 up to the 1980's. This game allows you being vicious, mean, watching your own back, double crossing your own gang members if you have to, and finally seeing and gloating over the huge mound of money that you finally win!

Gangland - PC

This computer game enables you to move into the American dream city of your choice, and make your own unique mob family- much like the Borgias series, you can have them all closely knit and working together and you can then watch as the citizens of the particular city you’ve moved into, begin to panic and lose control of themselves as you strike out in your own creative, distinct , Anonymous and Zodiac like style!

Reservoir Dogs

This is one of the feistiest PC games we imagine you’ve ever played- which is why this game appears with a certain set of ‘moral’ controls; now you can monitor the level to which you wish to acede-be it the one which is free of evil heists and the possibility of murder to your very innovative Bullet Festival as you shoot and aim at some of the citizens from your own Terraced centre ville!

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Mira on 11/28/2014

I can't believe Reservoir Dogs is now a computer game. I am trying to see the point of these games, but I guess they do channel/sublimate some negative energies. Pinning

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