Top 7 Tycoon Games 2018

by Tehreem

We provide you with wide array of options if you are into Tycoon Games.

Tycoon games may be a recent invention, but there is no doubt about their popularity!
They are a new brand of computer games that enhance all the features they offer by firstly making them look more realistic, secondly by giving them more of an oomph and thirdly by offering them with a creative little twist. For instance Fairy Godmother Tycoon that allows you to be able to spin a magical kingdom not just with castles or witches and wizards but with a twist on princes; because there are sleazy princes along with Prince Charming at the same time, as well as your tendency to be able to brew some absolutely wicked magical potions and convince all the town peasants to buy your stuff! Similarly, there is also Rollercoaster Tycoon for all you architectural lovers to be able to learn how to build your awesome, thrill seeking and giving theme parks with the best roller coaster rides in town!

Pick you favorite crop and enjoy the real farm life while setting up your own farming business

Rollercoaster Tycoon Pack

The first head whirling computer game that we’ve got for you would be this Roller coaster Tycoon game. It allows you the ability to be able use the best building tools and make the most out of the best rides and create 5 very realistic looking Six Flags Amusement parks with some of their most head twirling thrill giving roller coasters ever!

A vast variety of Gangster games all set to thrill you and guarantee a quality gaming experience.

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition

Yet another amazing computer game that we’ve got just for you, would be the SimCity 4 Deluxe. To play this game to the fullest and extract maximum fun out of it, you will be required to take risks; if you know that building fire stations or homes in certain areas would be more riskier than beneficial. You need not to be a gamer to understand SimCity, anyone can enjoy this game even the adults can spend hours building and running realistic looking city. This game is definitely meant for you, if you want to role-play the Mayor of a city and take decisions which are generally faced by any real Mayor.

SimCity 3000 Unlimited

Sim City 3000 Unlimited brings you the classic strategy gaming of Sim City 3000 with all-new scenarios that open up a whole world of city planning and building possibilities! Th...

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Railroad Tycoon Platinum

The third awesome computer game that we’re happily presenting to you would be Railroad Tycoon 2 the platinum edition. This game enables you to become a railroad tycoon by building the best railroads which run through a maze of jungles and roads and puff their way through these lush green mazes, as some of the steamiest trains of all time!

Zoo Tycoon 2: Collection

This is a wonderful game if you’re one nature lover Zoo Tycoon2 is meant for everyone who loves animals and pets and looking after some exotic pet such as a giraffe or even a snow leopard for instance! Now you can feed your pets, look after them, feed milk to their babies and even import and export better, new animals!

Wildlife Park 2: Gold Edition

This is one adventurous game for thrill seekers that allows you to not keep or raise animals, but to also be able to feed them, pet them and put them to sleep! The best thing about the animals in this game is how very realistic they all look! Whether it’s Mr. Giraffe with his wide long neck and ears or even the ferocious looking lion who’ll be sure to roar and delight all the children who are into wild beasts this one game you should definitely not miss out on!

Fairy Godmother Tycoon - PC

The next game that we’ve got for you would be the Fairy Godmother Tycoon-PC game. It comes as a game that allows you to explore all kinds of magical castles, towns and places- but with a simple little twist! The Fairy Godmother Tycoon game allows you to be able to take matters into your hand, and control peasants, sell magical potions under your own names, throw balls and be able to put aside the more sleazy and less reliable princes for the REAL Mr. Prince Charming!
A must have game to buy now!

Plant Tycoon

Finally, we‘ve got Plant Tycoon for you; Plant Tycoon allows you to be able to plant, nurture and care for some of the rarest and most exotic plants of all time! You breed and crossbreed plants till they make some of the best plants of all time, that are not simply marketable but also rare and exotic and look so vibrant and stunning that anyone would want to be able to buy them or keep them as something that would surely ornament and beautify their home!

Updated: 12/27/2017, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/17/2014

These games sound like so much fun! Pinning them onto Christmas 2014 Gifts for Friends and Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas boards. Also onto Bargain Gifts for Friends, etc. I'm actually thinking of buying some of these online for one of my friend's kids.

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