Best Laptop For Writing, Blogging & Content Creation On The GO

by Kangaroo_Jase

When you find your mobile writing is hampered by a smartphone or tablet, you realize you need something with grunt when on the go, and this article will help you choose right.

Choose The Right Laptop For Writing

When you're on the go, you may find yourself spending a short amount of time in the food hall of the local mall and realize that it would be neat to have some equipment to start pounding out a new article for a content creation site (like Squidoo, Wizzley or Hubpages). You then also feel that a tablet is good but you dont have the means to use other features, and the screen on a smart phone is just that little bit too small.

This is the issue for you as a writer. You may even want to spend a couple of hours in that cafe on a Saturday morning, sipping an espresso writing about that next novel. So how do we choose the best type of equipment for that task. Well, as it would present itself, laptops are perfect for that role. Equivalent to a desktop PC, but with the portability that makes it all so much easier for when you are mobile.

Choosing Between Hardware Choices

The decision for finding what the best criteria are is looking at the benefits that a laptop and using it in the field will give you. For one, you don't need a stupendously expensive laptop, as the laptop is not primarily for gaming or visual design, which is suitable at that price. A laptop at that price is great to have, but it’s too pricey and too much grunt for our needs.

Conversely, we really don’t want a net book, as it will be underpowered for our needs, too small a screen and we don't want to have to squint. Also we want to see web pages respond rather quickly and not like yesteryears World Wide Wait.....

So we need something that is mid-range in terms of price, power and portability for choosing the right writers laptop.

HP g7-1260us Notebook PC - Gray

Watch videos on a large 17.3 inch diagonal HD LED backlit display with the affordable HP Pavilion g7-1260us Notebook PC. You can also connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI ports ...

Only $629.99

Why This Particular HP Laptop I Chose?

The reasons for me deciding to choose this particular model are thus. I myself have previously owned four different HP computer products, including a laptop. I currently own a HP desktop. I found with HP there is reliability, great product with rich features for the price and an extensive availability of after sales support.

I have chosen this model as it best suits the needs of the writer and can handle just about any workload thrown its way. There is life in the product as well, so there is little concern that your product is old come 6-12 months time. A model like this one will see you through approximately 4-6 years.

The downside is you have to create your own recovery disc set (which resets your computer to factory setting so its like new again) and it is a very good idea to do this before loading your first software program. Recovery discs have to be purchased from HP if you do not make your own.

So why this particular model & specifically HP G7-1260?

  • Price - At $500+ it is already discounted down from $600 keeping it within the mid range for price/product value.

  • Hardware - 17in Screen providing 1600 x 900 resolution - a very good screen for displaying wide screen YouTube, Metacafe or other video you use for your articles, and for an occasional Skype video call.

  • RAM - 4Gb enough for running several programs.

  • Hard drive - 640Gb enough for 1,000s of emails, articles, documents, photos and videos.

  • Software OS - Windows 7 Home Premium, just right for any program installed and without all the usual Windows bells and whistles. Windows 7 is also optimized (so it runs better, leaner and slightly faster) for laptop use.

  • Battery Life - Up To 5 hours, this is about an average amount of use.

  • HP is the largest manufacturer of computer products in the world currently so there is extensive knowledge in product build, support and warranty from the company.

Additional Features Of This Model

It has also the following features and benefits;

  • Wifi b/g/n - Which is perfect for free Wifi hotspots, use around the home wireless network.
  • Integrated Camera and microphone - perfect for that quick instructional or informal video for your articles.
  • Weighs in at 6.05lbs so it is light enough for easy transport

  • LED backlit display for sharper, clearer, brighter, crisper screen view and less eye strain from using the screen.

  • SRS sound speakers, better than stereo output and music wont sound like its coming from two tin cans.

Complement Your Purchase With Accessories

Consider any additional accessories and software you may need. A laptop is transportable, yet only if it is in a carry bag. Some people don't mind using the finger tray in the middle of the laptop for using mouse control, yet others will prefer to use a separate USB based mouse. A base with a series of fans is perfect for using your laptop in a cafe table and keeping your laptop cool while being used.

You will most likely need an antivirus program, an email program, writing software and most likely some form of document and spread sheeting programs too (like Microsoft Word & Excel or even Star Office by Sun Microsystems).

The Perfect Writers Accessories

HP RU350AA Backpack Case for 17.0-Inch Notebooks

The HP RU350AA HP Notebook Backpack is designed for protecting a 17-inch notebook computer. The bag is made of durable heavy duty nylon with lightweight padding that makes it ...

Laptop Notebook Cool Pad w/ 3 Fans

Keep your notebook Cool, with this USB2.0 3 FAN Powered Slim smart Laptop Notebook Cooler Pad Cooling Cooler Pad w/Blue LED. It helps improve the performance of your notebook, ...

Only $14.99
HP Wireless Eco-Comfort Mobile Mouse

The HP Wireless Eco-Comfort Mobile Mouse combines style and comfort for being on the move in an design. Built and packaged with Save, Reuse, Recycle in mind, the HP Wireless ...

Only $9.64
Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 - 3PC/1User [Download]

Word 2010 and Excel 2010. PowerPoint 2010 and OneNote 2010. With Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, you and your kids can create great schoolwork and home projects from ...

Only $149.99
1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More

When you finally have the opportunity to sit down and write, you want absolutely nothing to get in your way. In an ideal world, the ideas would flow from head to pen quickly ...

$7.99  $1.48
Norton 360 Version 5.0 1 User-3 PC [Download]

Defend your identity, your computer, and your important files with comprehensive, easy-to-use protection. When it comes to your identity, your computer, and your files, you ...

Only $79.99

Do You Want A Laptop For Your Portable Writing?

Updated: 11/25/2011, Kangaroo_Jase
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Kangaroo_Jase on 12/25/2011

Hey samsons1,

Most people will still buy and purchase a laptop for time to come, due to the many sites people write on are not quite yet tablet savvy.
Either via an app or via direct web access. But over time this will change and tablets will become the norm for many article and writing sites.

samsons1 on 12/24/2011

Very good advice. I too use a laptop for the convenience when away from home...

Kangaroo_Jase on 11/15/2011

Heya Digby_Adams

You are already in a position that many would envy. You also have the experienced first hand the benefits of using a laptop for writing. Thanks for sharing.

Digby_Adams on 11/13/2011

I don't know where I'd be without a mobile laptop. I've got an air card, so I don't even need wifi. I can blog and write content whenever I think of it. When we visit friends, I can do some writing before I go to sleep without them even knowing I snuck some "work" in.

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