Best Professional Respirator Face Masks

by Tested_to_Destruction

Using professional respirator masks is required in many industries to enhance personal safety. The five best respirators reviewed and compared.

A respirator mask is another commonly used safety tool. Anyone that works with paint, noxious substances on a farm or in the auto repair industry will have used one on a regular basis. Designed to offer protection against harmful particles and fumes, respirators are a stand alone piece of safety wear.

Much like ear plugs, there are certain tasks that you can't perform without wearing them - otherwise you're heading in the murky waters of the negative impact on personal health and safety.

There are a variety of gas mask type wear, from half masks to full face respirators, and of course they need to be industry standard compliant. The five best M95 and MSA respirators are featured below.

MSA Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator

This one is the best selling respirator overall. It's US government compliant, meeting P100 standards NIOSH and OSHA. It's designed to work in a variety of environments - woodworking, paint spraying, removal of noxious materials, farming and more. If you work in an industry that requires the use of a facial ventilator, this is a great choice.

It's pretty comfortable, no complaints there. It weighs in at 1.5 lbs, so doesn't drag the head down or cause neck strain when wearing it. The straps are simple, robust and alter easily enough, and the mouth piece doesn't feel suffocating - yet you know it's safe. The suction is great, absolutely no fumes or foul tastes and it sits fine for medium length periods. A cracking mask, and a great price tag.

MSA Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator

The Multi-Purpose Respirator features a soft, comfortable, great fitting face piece for superior comfort and protection, a built-in exhalation valve and low profile replaceable ...

Only $58.82

3M Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly 6291

This respirator is great for general dusty environments, such as you'd find in the woodworking industry. A half mask model, the design will ably prevent particulates from being inhaled and fully removes the smell and taste. It will also work equally well in the construction environment - drywalling and demolition tasks.

The mask itself is incredibly comfortable, and feels as though you've got more than you've paid for - especially when you factor in the dirt cheap purchase price. There's a head cradle and adjustable straps, giving it an easy, comfortable fit, and the mouth piece has the right amount of suction. It comes with a pair of 3M replaceable filters - and it's compliant with P100 NIOSH and OSHA standards. An excellent quality, half face respirator.

3M 6291 Half Facepiece Respirator Assembly Medium with P100 Filters

6000 SERIES P100 RESPIRATOR comes pre-assembled with two 3M replacable 2019 p100 filters. It is NIOSH approved against dust and mists, up to 10 x the PEL. NOT TO USE IN PAINT SP...

Only $19.95

MSA Safety Works 10059410 Economical Paint Spray Respirator

Though this one is the best paint respirator, it will also work in the farming industry and for anyone that requires a face mask in general. It's got a five star rating and does an awesome job of filtering out particles and fumes. The air feels clean when it's in place and there's no trace of any negative odor.

It's lightweight and comfortable, a good secure fit, the cradle and straps are a breeze and the suction is as it needs to be yet comortable. It feels pretty solid in it's construction and like ofther repirators, you can purchase a variety of differnet filters that better fit your purpose. Meets NIOSH safety standards. Top quality, low price, recommended.

MSA Safety Works 10059410 Economical Paint Spray Respirator

Economy Paint & Pesticide Respirator, Patented, Flexible Facepiece For Better Seal, Patented Faceseal For Comfort & Fit, Low Profile Cartridges For Unobstructed View, Replaceabl...


7500 Series Professional Half Facepiece Respirator 7502 Half Face Respirator Medium

Another five star respirator, this is another great all round half mask. Good for any professional environment that requires the use of a protective mask, this one is extremely comfortable and working whilst wearing it so easy you almost forget you're wearing it. Totally eliminates noxious odors and particles, it feel almost the same as breathing in fresh are.

It will work with any vapor 3M filters and comes with a pair to get you started. The material used is silicon, which produces a more comfortable, soft fitting 3M respirator mask. The head cradle and straps are easy to adjust and, overall - you're getting a good bang for your buck with the 7500 Series Pro.

3M 7500 Series Reusable Half Facepiece, Model 7502. Size: Medium

Advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face. Unique adjustment design helps reduce pressure points on the face for comfort. Unique head harness design adjusts ...

$70.29  $21.69

3M 7162 Full-Facepiece Spray Paint Respirator

This is the best full face respirator and affords protection for the eyes as well as protection from harmful substances and odors. It's five star rating is fully deserved as this one performs with a dual role - and performs both with equal excellence. It comes with two face shields, two retainers, two cartridges that are the organic vapor standard, four P95 filters and one face piece that's reusable.

It's endorsed for use in a 50 OSHA PEL environment and will work with regard to fumes, particles and of course protect the eyes from flying debris and any form of harmful substance that would otherwise cause harm to the eyes. This is a superb full face mask, up to standard and worth every last cent of it's purchase price. Thoroughly recommended.

Updated: 06/24/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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