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by MaryF

Looking for a drum kit for beginners? Check out this review for an excellent beginners starter drum kit.

With my son’s birthday coming up fast; I have been deep in thoughts about which gift would be perfect for him. I have promised him a good gift if he has got some good standing and grades from school. Now, it is my turn to be worried and find him a good gift for his reward from doing well.

The good thing is that lately, he has taken some interest in playing the drums. I searched different music stores and and checked online for best drum kit reviews, for a good deal that I can give him. I found some really nice beginner drum kits but their prices were not that friendly on my budget. I was just looking for something that would be great for a beginner level, but that was also a full-size starter drum kit so he wouldn't out grow it.

One day, while I was surfing on the internet; I found out about this great drum set. I found the new drum set full-size adult 5-piece complete metallic blue with cymbals stands stool sticks. This one here: the Gammon Battle Series drum set.

Full Size Starter Drum Kit

The Gammon Battle Series drum set would be the best drum set for entry level drummers or beginners. They are also good for professional drummers with professional level drum needs. This is because the Gammon Battle Series drum set is durable enough too which is good because I would want my son to enjoy playing drums for a long time with his beginner’s set.

Aside from being durable; the Gammon Battle Series drum set also comes with everything that a new or beginner drummer would need. There is an instructional video that comes with the set that people can use to learn and study how to play the drums. My kid has found this very helpful since he is a beginner and has surprised his drum instructor on how fast he was learning drums.

People who purchase the new drum set full-size 5-piece complete metallic blue with cymbals stands stool sticks would also be in for another free item that comes with their set. They would also receive a free pair of drumsticks they can use to start playing the drums and also a good drummer’s throne. This is the chair that drummers can use with their drum sets.

The Gammon Battle Series drum set includes every required drum piece for beginners. It has a snare drum, Lug bass drum, floor tom, small and mid mount toms, hi-hat stand, hi-hat cymbals, crash and ride cymbals with cymbal stands, and a bass drum pedal. It is a total complete package at a very reasonable price.

Product Feature
With the Gammon Battle Series drum set, buyers get all the essential drum pieces that they would need to play the drums. They have all the basic parts of the drums and then would also have some bonus items such as the instructional video and the drummer’s throne or chair. The drums are durable and can last for years at really affordable price. The drum’s metallic blue finish is also great to look at.

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katiem2 on 05/15/2012

As I read this my percussionist daughter is practicing her snare drums for wind symphony auditions. She loves all things percussionist, she has a drum set like the one you've highlighted here today. Its a great set. I love hearing the drums, bells and all things percussionist. thanks for creating something for the percussionist

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