Bewitching Witch Costumes for Halloween

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Whether it was Hermione from Harry Potter’s movie or the witch from Wizard of Oz, witch costumes were always a great inspiration on the event of Halloween.

Are you looking out for crooked witch costume ideas for the Halloween season this year? Spooky Witch Costumes and Make up for a Witch are always in demand and they haven’t gone out of fashion at the least. If a witch fancy dress costume is the final outfit chosen by you and the entire family, it will indeed look spectacular.

Nothing spookier than the entire family turning up in green or eerie black witch costumes for the Halloween night. The right witch costume and the correct makeup can make you look the scariest witch on the planet. Covering yourself with a crooked nose and outrageous teeth go a long way to the traditions of all thing witchy.

Armed with magic potion and witchcraft you can become the wicked witch of the year. To make things spooky and creepy, you need to get either a broomstick or a wand in style with Harry Potter’s movie. Put on all that makes you scarier, after all this is what Halloween really about.

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About Witches and Their Association with Halloween


The legend about witchcraft in folklores have it that witch possesses supernatural powers and uses it for wicked purpose. Usually witches are woman and they practice witchcraft. Generally witches are wicked women, but we do have anecdotes about the good witch of South who comes to rescue whenever there is an honest call for help. Can a man be a witch? Well, he can but he is not called witch, he is mostly popular as wizard.

 In early history of Europe and many parts of the world, mankind had accused witchcraft for supernatural events or tragic catastrophes; however we know from history that they were all mostly manipulated. Accusations of witchcraft and witch-hunts were wrongly thrust upon many of the victims. Modern day celebrations of Halloween allows up to take lessons from the rich past and use the myths, anecdotes to entertain ourselves in the roles of witch and witch costumes in a fun manner in stark contrast to the gory historic events.

Ideas for Halloween Witch Costumes


Fortunately there are a great number of ideas and awesome Halloween witch costume to choose from, this holds good especially if you don’t want to do the last minute selection and do some early smart shopping for Halloween. If you are prudent enough to start your Halloween shopping on right time without worrying for the shipment and late delivery, you are at liberty to choose among the wide range of costumes and you can even look for your particular witch idea that you are hunting for.

This essentially means that you need to plan beforehand to get the correct size of outfit that is in tandem with your looks and size.  For example, an orange pumpkin witch costume that uses a tattered rim with ruffled sleeves that are orange, and a sash that is the same color as the green sleeves will make for a perfect pumpkin witch costume. Additionally you can wears a belt and a scarf around your neck that is a criss-cross of orange and green and you will be the envy of the Halloween crowd.

Which witch is your favourite?

Inspiring Witch Costume for Women

Fantastic Witchlore

Clad yourself in the Emerald Witch costume which is glamorous and bewitched. She is the Lady of the Green Kirtle, also called Queen of Under-land and Queen of the Deep Realm. She is the main vamp character in “The Silver Chair” written by C. S. Lewis. She is often referred as the Green Lady and mostly the Emerald Witch in context. 

 For your knowledge, surprisingly none of these names appear in the novel of Lewis. It seems the readers created and made these witch terms popular in masses. The witch enslaves Prince Rilian of Narnia using her witchcraft, and has taken an oath to take over Narnia. Unfortunately her endeavours meet with failure when she is defeated by three friends of Aslan.  What we know is that the phrase “Emerald witch” perhaps surfaced and became famous due to its analogy to Jadis, the White Lady who is also called the White Witch.

Emerald Witch Costume

The Emerald witch costume is a magnificent bubble dress of bright emerald colour, which is accompanied with green and black striped tights that matches perfectly with the emerald outfit. To complete the witch’s evil outfit, a black broach, a broom, a black overcoat or hood, and a black witch hat gives a complete wicked appearance to the apparel. 

Witchcraft: Myth and Reality - YouTube

Sorceress Witch Costumes


The famous novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Baum, the writer of kid’s fiction characterizes Glinda as the Good Witch of the South. The good witch gets Dorothy, the protagonist, home by disclosing her, the supernatural power of the silver footwear in the end. The references to her in later editions use "Sorceress" instead of a "witch." What’s more - Baum's novel clarifies and glorifies the witches; he did not think them as wicked, inheriting evil and the companions of Devil.


 The Sorceress Witch Costume is another eerie and sexy costume for adults. It is an arresting outfit that is outstanding and will highlight you when you go out this Halloween season. The outrageous style contains salient purple outfit that has an embroidered hem that is serrated, a magnificent black overcoat that is sheer magic. The witch costume can accentuate the costume with the bell sleeves, a witch hat, a spooky bracelet and a creepy pendant shaped like a demon or skull. 

Top 10 TV Witches And Wizards

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DerdriuMarriner on 09/07/2022

The witchcraft and the witches that interest me relate to Glinda the Good in the Oz series invented by L. Frank Baum.

The Oz books were among the first books that I remember reading as a child.

Would you happen to have read just the ones with Glinda in them or all of them?

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