Big Bang Theory Costumes

by lou16

Dress up as your favorite member of the Big Bang Theory 'gang' or even dress up as them dressing up......these Big Bang Theory inspired costumes are great.

I love the Big Bang Theory as a show it makes me laugh every week and the characters each have their own distinctive style which is why a Big Bang Theory costume sounds like a great idea for Halloween this year.

I have also loved seeing the Big Bang Theory guys dress up in costumes themselves so there's always those costumes that you could dress up as if you wanted to host a Big Bang fancy dress party.

So many options, where to start? Let's look at all of the options individually below.

The Big Bang Theory Costume Ideas

On this page I'm going to concentrate of the core four characters of the Big Bang Theory and their costumes.   The four in question are, of course, Leonard Hoffsdatter, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wollowitz and Raj Koothrapalli.   Each of these four have their own styles which can be easily replicated.

Jump ahead at any time to your favorite character's costume.

Dr Sheldon Cooper Costume

If you want to look like Dr Sheldon Cooper for a costume party or Halloween then you're going to need a few things - the most distinctive of which is a graphic t-shirt like the one's that can be found  at - Sheldon Cooper's Shirts.   Flash, the Green Lantern and a Manbot are all popular t-shirt choices.

Let's put together a great Sheldon costume ......

As far as pants go Sheldon wears straight legged pants and seems to have a penance for plaid trousers.  

On his feet Sheldon likes to go for comfort so he either wears Oxfords or Converse Chuck Taylor style shoes - take your pick.

It's Sheldon's tops that he's most well known for as he always wears his cool collection of t-shirts over the top of a long sleeved shirt.  He wears lots of different colored long sleeved t-shirts from the orange below to green and red.   He even wears striped t-shirts sometimes.

If you want to get the 'right' long sleeved t-shirt to match the graphic shirt then the Sheldon t-shirt site I linked to above can help you match them up, but for a fancy dress costume I really wouldn't worry too much.

A superhero t-shirt is probably the most popular of Sheldon's shirts from his collection of Flash t-shirts to the array of Green Lantern shirts he's adorned (like the purple one featured here).   He has also worn some great shirts like the television test pattern one, the melted rubik's cube or even the famous yellow Wesley Crushers shirt.   Any one of this shirts worn over a long sleeved t-shirt will leave people in no doubt as to who you are.

Sheldon Cooper Costume Ideas
Sheldon Cooper Costume Ideas
Louanne Cox

Sheldon Cooper Costume Supplier List

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Dr Leonard Hofstadter Costume

Leonard's costume is rather low-key when you compare it with his group of friends - he's the 'classic television nerd' - he wears graphic tees like Sheldon, but layers hoodies and jackets over the top of them.

Let's put together a Leonard costume for you...

Brown jeans with a Recycle t-shirt, grey hoodie and a cargo jacket is a very classic Leonard costume.   You can use a number of different types of t-shirts for him like the caffeine molecule t-shirt, the periodic table t-shirt or the recycle t-shirt featured opposite.

Leonard's hoodie and cargo jackets can also be seen in different colors so feel free to play around with what's in your own wardrobe - if you have a grey/blue/burgandy hoodie then use that and match the jacket and t-shirt to it.

Leonard's wardrobe really does give you a lot of lee-way.   He always wears converse sneakers and I've even seen him match black and white ones to brown jeans (Penny wouldn't be happy!!)

Of course Leonard wouldn't be Leonard without his trademark glasses, except for when Priya trys to get him to wear contact lenses that is!

Mr Howard Wolowitz Costume

Howard, the only Mr in the group of friends, presents a really fun fancy dress costume to copy - checked shirt, skivvy, belt buckle, colored jeans.   I think it's probably the Halloween costume that will give you the most fun to put together, so let's go ahead and compile some things for the perfect Howard Wolowitz Halloween costume......

Howard models his style on Davy Jones - just check out his hair!  

His jeans are always really tight to emphasize his 'manhood' and just in case you don't notice he wears a range of novelty belt buckles to draw your eye to that part of his body!

Howard Wolowitz color co-ordinates his jeans and shirts and always wears a turtleneck or dickie under his shirt.   When he decides not to wear a check shirt ie he goes with a black turtleneck and plain red shirt, he will wear a lapel pin on his turtleneck - one of two alien heads.

He wears a range of different belt buckles including Batman, Nintendo controller, Green Lantern and more.   You can check out the whole range at Howard's belt buckle page.

If you don't want to purchase a belt buckle you can always cut out a Batman symbol out of cardboard, paint it black or silver and stick it onto your belt.

Dr Raj Koothrapali Costume

Shy Raj is all about layers when it comes to clothes and he is sadly lacking in any fashion sense as the layers often clash badly as well.   This does make his costume easy to replicate for a fancy dress event however.

You can wear any pair of jeans that you have at home for a Raj costume, but he does seem to like olive green ones so if you want an excuse to buy a pair then check out the one's featured opposite.   

Combine the jeans with a short sleeved business shirt, in either off white or a striped design and then don't forget the sweater vest.   I always used to think these sweater vests were reserved for granddads so if you've got a granddad who wears them then you might want to borrow one off of them, if not I've included one opposite for you.

Raj has a collection of different patterned sweater vests and also wears plain ones too, the patterned ones are the ones that really stay in your memory though - aren't they?

Top this combination with a purple zipped sweatshirt or casual jacket and you're nearly finished!

A red cap that just shouldn't be worn with purple is a classic Raj touch, his does appear to have a logo on it, but I'm not sure what it says and when it comes to fancy dress you can take liberties so I've included a 'Life is Good' logo because if you can watch the Big Bang Theory life is pretty good!

When it comes to footwear I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of converse sneakers for Raj, or in fact for any of the BBT geeks for that matter.

Another thing about Raj is his black watch, this always reminds me of the cheap watches you can get at gas stations so would be an extra little accessory to complete your costume.   Now you can act shy until you have enough to drink to really be obnoxious and then it's job done - you're Dr Raj Koothrappali!

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Don't Fancy Wearing a WHOLE Big Bang Theory Costume?

Check out these costume shirts....

The Big Bang Theory Costume Shirts
If you're feeling a little bah humbug about getting a costume to wear this Halloween what about wearing a costume shirt instead? These Big Bang Theory costume shirts will leave no one in doubt about who you're supposed to be.

More Halloween Costume Ideas

Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween from the youngest baby to great grandparents so here's some great fancy dress ideas for everyone in the family.

Introduction Photo Credit - The Big Bang Theory Poster

Big Bang Theory Group TV Poster Print - 24x36 Poster Print, 24x36

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