Blame Culture

by MuminBusiness

It is so easy to go around blaming others for everything, isn't it?

Isn't it amazing how people can sue you over anything at all these days?

For a while now, there has been a build up of commercials, on TV and the radio and everywhere people gather, of Lawyers offering their services. In the UK, it is all ‘No Win, No Fee’. I wonder what the incentives are in the US or other places...

These ads have the effect of making people think they can blame others for every little thing that happens to them. Really?!!

So you have a children party and one of the more active children decides to run into your wall and hey presto, your best friend is suing you for brain damage. Your wall was in the way!!

OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, though I have heard of suing following normal party incidents. I must admit I have considered getting all parents to sign some kind of agreement that I am not liable for anything that occurs in one of my children’s parties. I accept no BLAME!

Blame in the Life of a Pharmacist

As a pharmacist, that can be a minefield as well. No one wants any responsibility for their own care anymore. Repudiation is the name of the game!

Once, while I was working in a retail pharmacy, a staff member went to hand out a bag full of prescription medication. She called out the customer’s name and someone answers, confirms that the address recited to her by the staff member is accurate and then walks out of the shop with the bag.

A little while later, I get a call stating that she had received someone else’s medication and she was very upset about it – Who could she complain to?!! Really!, really!! Was she deaf? Did she not say she lived at this address? And did she not know what medication she was expecting? I mean, I recognize I am considered an authority on drugs but people!…, sometimes we can be pretty weird.

Does Blaming or the Blame Culture Help?

Placing blame on everything except ourselves is becoming something of an art form these days.

Does it actually help though?

OK so some people make a little money from blaming someone else for their misfortune but does it really make any change to their life – any lasting change? There are some cases where it would seem justified for instance in the death of a child, particularly when some kind of malpractice is involved, but unfortunately blame does not really bring healing. Only forgiveness can.

Even in the most heinous of crimes, placing the blame changes nothing. The evil is done, the only way to move forward is to take responsibility for the way we feel and choose to do something about that. How we react to a situation is the only thing we can control. Any other action is a temporary fix which may soothe for a little while but ultimately the pus is just beneath the surface.

It is time to take full responsibility for ourselves, for our emotions, for our actions, for everything we influence.

No point blaming!

Updated: 03/12/2012, MuminBusiness
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MuminBusiness on 05/22/2012

Yes, BrendaReeves, We all learn from the US unfortunately (in some instances). Here in the UK, those ads have now become the norm. We even receive texts on our phones trying to convince us to claim for this or that. I always wonder where they get our numbers from, surely the very insurance people who will have to pay out sell our names to these lawyers. I just refuse to become that person that blames everyone else.

Yes, FitnessG, the sue-ing thing is indeed crazy.

FitnessG on 05/21/2012

The whole sue-ing thing is crazy isn't it?. no one takes responsibility anymore. @brenda Compounding an injury?! when it didn't!! Is your chiropractor trustworthy? :-)

BrendaReeves on 03/14/2012

The U.S. is the sue capital of the world, and yes, we have those TV ads also. I once went to an estate sale and didn't see a step and fell and broke my tail bone. I didn't limp away thinking I just won the lottery. I thought, "That was really stupid of me for not looking where I was going." I was once rear ended by a car that was driving too fast. At the time, I was seeing a chiropractor for a back injury. He saw the rear of my car and wanted me to file a claim for compounding an injury. I didn't because it didn't compound an injury.

MuminBusiness on 03/14/2012

Yep it is and it is really for the profit of lawyers, not really for the benefit of the people. And I suppose it is a sign of the times that no one wants to accept any responsibility if they can avoid it, which is a pity really as how can you grow without first taking responsibility?

sheilamarie on 03/14/2012

You're right that blaming seems to be an epidemic.

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