Bobby Roode vs James Storm - Main Event Prophecy

by Jethraw

TNA Lockdown 2012 Main Event. Bobby Roode vs James Storm, for the World Heavyweight Championship. Are we seeing the future in the making?

James Storm (left) and Bobby Roode (right)
James Storm (left) and Bobby Roode (r...
The Duo during their stint in the "Fortune" faction
The Duo during their stint in the "Fo...

Not-So-Humble Origins

As a team, Bobby Roode and James Storm more than proved themselves...

After enjoying a period of recently unparalleled success. Dubbed one of the greatest tag teams in the world, the pairing of James Storm and Robert (Bobby) Roode gelled together to create a perfect blend of power, speed, technical prowess and microphone antics. 

The duo were formed in 2008, under the name of Beer Money Inc. after the collapse of their previous alliances, America's Most Wanted (Storm) and Team Canada (Roode) in 2007. Initially paired with manager Jacqueline, the duo quickly shook the Tag Team world by grabbing the company's tag belts in August that year. The duo would raise the gold a further three times throughout their partnership.

Following a series of successful high profile feuds, with matches against the Motor City Machine Guns in a best of five series, the team eventually disbanded in November 2011 when Bobby Roode smashed James Storm in the head with the duo's signature beer bottle to take the TNA World Heavyweight Title from him.

Watch the destruction of Beer Money Inc.

Roode cheats Storm out of his World Title, beginning the feud of the year.

Why This Move Is Good For Storm

After 10 years with the company, is it Storm's time to show what he can do?

As one of the remaining two competitors on the roster who have been with the company since it opened it's doors in 2002, (the other being "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles), Storm has held a total of 14 titles within the company.

Three of these reigns have been singles competition (two of which were for beer drinking). As the title was mostly used as a joke, it can be argued Storm's only singles title was his World Heavyweight Title run, which lasted a total of eight days.

Storm's tag titles, however, accumulate over a year of time around his waist, leading many to speculate his true calling lay in the realm of tag-teams.

Since the split of Beer Money, Storm has gone from strength to strength. He has feuded (albeit briefly) against a number of main event calibre wrestlers, and has since established himself as a legitimate ME player.

He receives one of the loudest pops in the building, is arguably one of the most technically sound competitors on the roster, and his typical southerner gimmick is 100% over with the fans.

Combine this with Storm's tear-jerker world title win, to his gut wrenching betrayal and subsequent loss of his title, followed by the uphill struggle Storm has been fighting for 6 months to retain his title. With this kind of build seldom seen in the industry these days, TNA have undoubtedly found the catalyst for success in James Storm.

Storm's as a World Tag-Team Champion
Storm's as a World Tag-Team Champion
Storm with signature beer bottle
Storm with signature beer bottle

Do you feel James Storm can be a long-term Main Event competitor?

Roode as World Champion
Roode as World Champion
Roode with Storm
Roode with Storm
Roode as Tag Champion
Roode as Tag Champion

Why This Move Is Good For Roode

After 8 years of varying success - Has Roode finally hit his stride?

Roode's emergence in the company in 2004 saw him debut as a member of Team Canada, a bad guy group, hated by the fans on account of their Canadian Nationality.

Whilst Roode's career within the company may not be as illustrious as his counterpart in James Storm, having held seven titles, six for tag-team wrestling and one for singles competition, his credibility is by no means questionable.

Roode was built throughout 2011, as the ultimate overdog, training harder than ever before to overcome the odds and finally achieve his dream of winning the TNA World Title after seven years with the company. This dream seemed finally on the cusp of fruition when Roode won the Bound For Glory series, earning him a title match at Bound For Glory 2011.

Just as Roode seemed on the verge of victory, Kurt Angle used villainous antics to retain his title, destroying Roode's dreams and hard work in the process.

When Roode's long time partner Storm faced Kurt Angle the next edition of iMPACT Wrestling, and won the title in a very short match, many heads were turned and eyebrows were raised.

The frustration boiled over for many the following week when the two partners squared off, and Roode snapped, turning on his partner to steal his gold, thus turning himself into a villainous heel in the process.

The transformation of Bobby Roode was complete.

Which of the two do you feel can go further and provide greater success for TNA?

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The Result and Verdict

But can this be considered a smart move in the grand scheme?

Since the November break up, both superstars have effectively become singles competitors, the first time each has found success as such in TNA.

The feud began with Roode, now dubbed "The Leader of the Generation", taking on a number of competitors in Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles, whilst "The Cowboy" James Storm has been presented with a number of hurdles he must overcome to finally gain his revenge, in the forms of Bully Ray and Kurt Angle.

The two will finally meet, in a steel cage, one on one, for the world title at Lockdown 2012. This match, on April 15th, will be the culmination of 5 and a half months of fantastic build. The crowd has been red hot to see these two go at it, and the two wrestlers have carried  their ends of the feud brilliantly.

When these two future giants lock horns, the roof will no doubt be blown off the arena, in the kind of match that can only be accomplished by two men who know each other so well, and will demonstrate how well a feud can be built and executed.

TNA, for their part, have given these two wrestlers all the tools for success. The ball is now firmly in the hands of James Storm and Robert Roode, who, will no doubt continue to run with it and show they can be the future of TNA wrestling.

Storm vs Roode. A Match of Prophecy.
Storm vs Roode. A Match of Prophecy.
Updated: 03/25/2012, Jethraw
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