Braided Crochet Skinny Scarf Pattern

by LizM

Pattern for a braided crochet skinny scarf. Uses only the chain stitch.

The first thing we learn in crochet is the chain stitch. It is the foundation of everything we do but for beginners they are left with giant chains of yarn and nothing to do with them. This braided crochet skinny scarf uses those chains to make a cute and fashionable scarf that any new crocheter can create in a reasonable about of time. Because it is made of multiple chains, it is also a great project for using yarn scraps or that super fuzzy yarn that is otherwise so difficult to work with all you can manage to make with it is a chain.

This scarf also works fabulously in school colors for a quick and easy school spirit accessory.


  • Scrap yarn in colors of your choice
  • Size P crochet hook
  • Scissors

Skinny Scarf Pattern

Using the P hook, crochet 15 chains each 7 feet long.  For a child's scarf the length of each chain should be 5 feet long.  If you are working with multiple colors, be sure to keep to multiples of 5 for each color.

Fasten off the end of each chain by clipping the yarn and pulling through your last stitch.  Leave a 14 inch tail at least.  This will create the fringe of your scarf when the pieces are braided together.

Gather your chains together and tie a knot about a foot from the end to hold them all together.  This knot hides the end of your chains and the yarn tails exit the knot to form the fringe.  For braiding it is easiest if you have this first tied end attached to something to hold it still.  Hooking it over a coat hanger, a coat rack, or event carefully closed in a door will work.  Separate the chains into 3 groups of 5 chains and braid the scarf.

As you braid, be sure to frequently untangle the loose end or you will have quite a mess to untangle before you can finish the braids.

Braid to 1 foot from the end and tie another knot.  Remember the knot should hide the end of your chain and let the lose yarn tails exit the knot for fringe.

Now trim your loose yarn fringe to an even length and enjoy the scarf.

Chain Crochet Braided Skinny Scarf
Chain Crochet Braided Skinny Scarf

Fat Scarf Pattern Version

If you want a fatter scarf, you have a couple of options.

1.  Use a very bulky yarn

2.  Instead of 15 chains, make 28.  Then braid the scarf with 4 sets of 7 chains.  This also offers more color pattern options when braiding with 4 groups instead of 3 groups.

Wearing the Scarf

This skinny scarf is extra long so you have plenty of room to wrap it.  Wear the skinny scarf wrapped at least twice with both ends hanging in front.  Let it hang loosely in front of your neck for a great draped look or wrap it a few extra times when you need extra warmth.

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Updated: 02/21/2013, LizM
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LizM on 02/21/2013

That's a single crochet Mira. And Thanks!

Mira on 02/21/2013

I can only crochet chain stitches but love to do scarves! Don't know what the other stitch is called though: the one where the chain stitch becomes horizontal and you build, one by one, another horizontal layer. Welcome to Wizzley! Hope you will enjoy your time here!

katiem2 on 02/21/2013

What a fun project and great for sleep overs, parties or rainy day activities. Love this idea, I have two daughters who will as well. Thanks for the great project idea. :)K

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