Fast Crochet Edged Baby Socks Pattern

by LizM

Pattern for super quick, easy, and cute crochet edged baby socks

Crocheted baby booties are cute but unless you use tiny thread they aren't comfortable for baby. Edging baby socks is a great way to still get the cute of crochet with the comfort of the sock. This pattern uses a simple chain and slip stitch to create frilly crochet edged socks that still stretches fully to easily slip on the baby's feet. They are also fast to work up with each pair of size 0-6 months taking only 15 to 20 minutes to create.


  • F crochet hook
  • 1 skein craft thread
  • Size 0-6 month crew socks


Craft thread is a cousin to embroidery floss.  It comes in small skeins of 8.75 yards and is usually found in the same area of a store as the embroidery floss.  Instead of being designed to pull apart like embroidery floss, the craft thread is twisted more like a traditional yarn while still keeping the size of embroidery floss.

You could also use crochet cotton thread but the craft thread is available in assortment packs of a wide variety of colors and is very easy to work with.

Crochet Edged Baby Socks
Crochet Edged Baby Socks
Liz Masoner


The thread is attached to the sock in between the ridges of the sock edge.  If you look carefully at the edge of the sock, there are high ridges and low ridges alternating around the sock on the cuff.  Join the thread in the low ridges.  This will help you easily space your stitches.


Unfold the sock so the cuff edge is easy to get to.

Slip stitch into the low ridge at the back of the sock (this will let you hide the finish point later) about 1/4 inch from the edge of the sock cuff.  Chain stitch 5, skip a low ridge, slip stitch into the next low ridge.  Repeat this around the sock until you get back to your beginning slip stitch.  Slip stitch your final slip stitch as close to the beginning stitch as possible.

It is ok if you are off one low ridge.  It will not be noticeable when you are finished.

Cut the thread and pull through so you are ready to finish off.  Tie the two ends together twice for a secure (and small) knot.  Then cut loose ends close to the knot.

Fold cuff back down and you will not see the knot, just the cute loops around the edge of the sock.

Repeat for the second sock.

Alternate Two Color Pattern

If you would like to use two colors on the sock edging the pattern is the same EXCEPT for the following.

Instead of skipping one low ridge skip THREE low ridges each time.  Then with the second color you will start in the middle skipped low ridge and continue joining in the center skipped low ridge each time.  The result is one skipped low ridge between each stitch but alternating colors.

When you join your second color via slip stitch, alternate whether the first color is under or over your hook as you join it with the sock.  This will alternate the colors without having one color on top the entire way around.

Updated: 02/21/2013, LizM
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