Branding You, Branding Me, Branding Wizzley

by ronpass

You are branding yourself in the eyes of your readers and Google when you write articles, comments and other online content.

Branding through Content Creation

What we write brands us in the eyes of our readers and Google.

Branding is a two-way street.  You build your brand through your activities such as writing articles and commenting on social media sites.  However, the effectiveness of your branding is determined by the reader/observer and the ever-present Google bots.  Essentially, your readers and Google are branding you.


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Branding You

Readers are branding you

We often think of branding as something you do to brand yourself.  Effective branding, however, is in the eye of the beholder – it’s the impression created in their minds and hearts.  Just think about the products or services you love – you associate something positive with them such as warmth, ease, comfort, reliability or friendliness.  They are “branded” in your eyes.

People are branding you through everything you write and through what they read about you.

Think of the people you admire – how have they shaped that image in your mind?  What have they done or written that has led to your impression of them?  Is it about their turn of phrase, their humor, their helpfulness, their insight, their different perspective, their understanding of issues, the clarity of their writing, their openness?….what is it that is “branding” them in your eyes?

Now just think about how people might be branding you.  What are you doing to shape their perceptions, their image of you?  Do you have a niche that you demonstrate depth in, or are you spread across the board?  Whether you are conscious of it or not, you are building a brand – people are watching you and “reading” you.  Day in and day out you are being branded both by your behaviour on the Internet and by what you write and how you write it…and also by what others write about you (they promote your brand for you).

Google is Branding You

Google Is Building Associations Between You and What You Write

Google through "semantic indexing" is building associations between you and what you write/publish.  I have yet to see an intelligible definition of “semantic indexing”, but in essence it means that Google (through a mathematical process) is able to develop associations between words and between words and people.

Thus Google “knows” (through artificial intelligence) that “cycling” is associated with terms such as bicycle, bike race, bicycle gear, bike parts, cycling track and annual bike races.  This is, in part, why long tail keywords came into vogue – because Google can link them by association with a primary keyword.

Google is watching the words that you write and is building up an association between you and the written word.   

The more focused your writing, the more Google recognizes your expertise.  If you are recognised as an authority in an area, then you get indexed faster, visited more often by Google bots and your site is indexed deeper.

 [Google's representation of you and your semantic relationships was best illustrated by the Google Wonder Wheel.  However, this search facility has been removed by Google - but may yet return.]

...And Google is Indexing Your Comments

Google Indexes Comments on Wizzley Articles

Google is also indexing comments that you make on Wizzley articles.  I addressed the issue of adding value through commenting in another Wizzley article. 

A search on Google for "branding commenting Wizzley" bought up my article.  When I checked the "cache" link beside the search result, it highlighted where those three terms appeared in my article (each in a different color).  Here is what it highlighted from the comments section:

Google Indexing Comments

Google is Branding Wizzley

Google Indexes and Monitors Wizzley

The Google Farmer Algorith changes and the resultant fallout showed clearly how Google had “branded” some sites.  Google "knew" what sites had a lot of duplicate content or excessive spammy content (thousands of articles on the one topic like “weight loss”).  These sites suffered badly in the Algorith Change through a loss in rankings and traffic., for example, lost up to 35% of their traffic almost overnight.  So, Google had been quietly building up an image of these sites and decided that they would put a stop to poor quality content and force the major sites to clean up their act.  Respectable sites like responded quickly and brought in new author guidelines.

We were designing Wizzley as this fallout was occurring, so we had the benefit of hindsight.  That is why we are so insistent on quality and word length.  This builds our value in Google’s eyes and helps us gain better search results from Google.  The more we are able to insist on this (and that people write about our insistence), then the more “value” we will have in the “eyes” of Google and potential readers.  So everyone benefits – you benefit as a writer, the reader benefits from the quality and the owners benefit from their investment of time and effort. 

Related Articles on Social Networking

Google + is not just a button, it is a Social Network in infancy stage and it is too early to compare and make predictions. +1 button is part if it, but it is really more.
When you comment constructively on Wizzley you build your brand and relationships. This adds value for yourself, the author and the social networking site.
Social networks are a major source of personal growth and a way to build self-esteem. They can enrich our lives, release our potential and extend our capability.
Updated: 10/07/2011, ronpass
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MBC on 04/26/2016

Hi Ron, I remember you from Squidoo. Nice article.

kimbesa on 06/15/2013

I hope Google will bring back the Wonder Wheel, or another tool.
In the mean time, I'm dipping a toe into the StumbleUpon and Reddit worlds to see what material they will suggest for me, as an approximation.

venkat on 01/28/2013

Thank you for sharing this post.
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Sheri_Oz on 08/25/2012

I've learned a lot from this article and from you article on quality commenting. Thanks for these very important lessons in building up a positive internet reputation.

katiem2 on 01/08/2012

i COMPLETELY AGREE! I vow to do my best to both brand myself and the wizzley community drawing a quality ranking and traffic from Google. Quality is after all knowing what is offered and knowing it can be found at the same source every time. Great article everyone should read this before they commit to writing here. IT takes a village. Here's to a strong village. Katie

ohcaroline on 08/12/2011

As a sort of newby in this internet arena...I am now seeing the importance of branding and how it plays into my work. Thanks for putting it in print for better understanding.

Ralpapajan on 08/11/2011

I am beginning to see that. My own "branding" on Facebook and my Blog has been Political Activism and Alternative Health. So now what I must do and start now, today, is to re-brand. This is beginning to get interesting in that I am beginning to see the wood among the trees. Will keep you posted.

ronpass on 08/11/2011

@Ralpapajan - you have hit the nail on the head! - "Branding myself is telling the world who Ralpapajan is and getting them to look at me through the eyes I want them to use. So as a writer I want them to respect me as a writer and want to know more." My message is that it is not just what you write in your books or articles but also your comments on social media sites. It is what you share of yourself that brands you - consistency is the essence of branding.

Ralpapajan on 08/10/2011

This is an interesting article and I see a glimmer of light at the end of what has been a very long and dark tunnel. I use my Pen Name ~ Ralpapajan ~ for all my online writing sites due to my real name being lost among a plethora of writers both Male and Female with similar names. So. let me get this straight in my mind. Branding myself is telling the world who Ralpapajan is and getting them to look at me through the eyes I want them to use. So as a writer I want them to respect me as a writer and want to know more. As a person who reads and sells books I want them to think ~ "Hey I need a book to read, where can I find it? I know let me Google Ralpapajan, he will know just the one I want."

Is that a correct reading of what appears to be a very sound post. If it is than I have made a hug leap forward in my knowledge today and for this I thank you.

ForestBear on 08/07/2011

Hi Ron, Interesting article which provides plenty of food for thought. Thank you for opening my eyes further to branding.

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