Briar Beauty Ever After High Dolls

by fitzcharming

Let me introduce you to Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, who is attending Ever After High School this year with the other children of famous fairy tale characters.

Briar is one of the Royals on campus. She is after all the daughter of Aurora. Briar knows that in order to fulfill her obligation to take her mother's place in fairy tale history she will have to sleep for a hundred years, and she's okay with that. Of course the promise of living happily with Prince Charming afterwards helps. But in the meantime she is a party girl. There is no time to waste. She needs to have all the fun she can before her long nap.

The New Merchandise Line From Mattel

Ever After High is based on a series of animated webisodes available on You Tube. The setting is a boarding school where the children of famous fairy tale characters go to learn how to take their parent’s place in story book history. Some of them, including Briar Beauty, are born into royalty, and beloved by everyone. They are referred to as Royals. Others are the children of the evil villains in the stories, and must learn to be just like their parents. They are called the Rebels. The problem is some don’t like the idea of being eternally evil and hated. I believe that’s one reason they are Rebels, they aren’t going to automatically play their roles in childrens lore.

The series started in 2013 and is similar to the Monster High Webisodes. Monster High has been such a huge success and I’m sure Mattel hopes this will too. The transition from Monster High to Ever After High happened when C A Cupid, who was responsible for giving love advice to the monsters at MH, decided to change schools and make her services available to EAH. She is the daughter of Eros, the god of love, and her favorite thing to do is help couples with romance. C A Cupid is the only character to appear in both story lines and has a doll for each role.

This Is Her Introductory Webisode

My Personal Ever After High Collection

I started my EAH collection right after they became available for sale. I have one of each of the characters so far. My goal is to collect every version of each but that takes a good bit of money. Mattel gets some of my money almost weekly, between Monster High and EAH. And of course Barbie, Disney Mattel dolls, and any others I find. It’s a fun hobby even if I’m a grandmother. This grandma loves to play with her dolls.

Enjoy Some Pictures of My Briar Beauty Doll

Briar Beauty Ever After High
Briar Beauty Ever After High
Briar Beauty Doll
Briar Beauty Doll
Ever After High Dolls
Ever After High Dolls
Briar Beauty Original Doll
Briar Beauty Original Doll
Updated: 08/20/2014, fitzcharming
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fitzcharming on 08/23/2014

Thanks Telesto

Telesto on 08/23/2014

I think your dolls are lovely.

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