Broan Range Hood Reviews: Why I Chose The PM390 Insert

by MaryF

Broan Range Hoods Reviews - here's why you should chose Broan Range Hood parts for your next kitchen range hood.

I was sick and tired of my home always smelling like last night's dinner! If you've ever cooked without good ventalation you will know that some smells can really hang around for days, particularly if you have lost of curtains and soft furnishings near the kitchen. Anyways, that's what my husband used to tell me a lot when he came  home from work. We often entertain at home, so it seemed that it was time for a Range Hood upgrade, to fix the ordor problem! 

Luckily, a friend of mine, who'd recently upgraded their kitchen, recommended the Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Insert. She had down all the research, read through dozens of Broan range hood reviews online, and chosen the PM390 as the best choice. As we had similar kitchens – I followed her recommendation. 

Broan PM390 Rang Hood Review

Often cheaper online than at the local store
Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Ins...
Only $303.0

Well one month later – I'm delighted! The new Boan range hood is a very good unit that works well and is well priced. This hood provide's high quality ventilation and includes an integrated , now when I cook fish we don't get to smell for days afterwards! . 

Best of all though – the unit came with all the fittings required, and my fairly handy husband had no problem installing it! Range hoods can be tricky but we found the Broan was  a great choice as a retrofit into an existing kitchen. We also double checked prices – and it was much cheaper online! 

Broan Range Hood Inserts Review

 The Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Insert has a high quality centrifugal blower. This is the one that helps keep the kitchen grease-free, clean, no smoke, and removes heat from cooking. The powerful blower comes with multi speed options in order for people to be able to adjust the strength that people need when cooking. The speed of the blower is also automatically adjusted because it has a heat   detector. I noticed that when I am cooking and the heat goes up, the blower speed becomes faster. I can now cook for longer period of time at the kitchen because I do not feel that much heat anymore. 
Also if  your kitchen has only averatge lighting  this product has two incandescent bulbs that can provide enough light over the cooking area. Trust me on this, if you've ever tried cooking in the dark, decent lighting will make a HUGE difference to your cooking! Now, you would easily see whether the food that you are cooking is already done or not yet.  
The silver color of the product allows it to blend well with other home and kitchen cabinet and appliances that you already own. This can also add some touch of elegance to the place. 
Cleaning and maintaining this product is also very easy since there is a single aluminum mesh filter that is washable. These features are really great since people would no longer need the added time spent on cleaning their kitchen area. My life as of now is a bit easier since my husband and I had this unit installed in our kitchen. 

Product Features:

The Broan PM390 Power Pack Range Hood Insert has a centrifugal blower that keeps the air clean and smelling fresh in the kitchen. It has an easy to clean aluminum mesh filter. The heat sentry also automatically adjusts the blower’s power when too much heat is detected. There are also two incandescent bulbs to light up the place when cooking. Lastly, the silver finish also compliments well with most kitchen and home decors. 

Product size:This unit measures up to 20 inches long and weighs at 19 pounds. Small enough to easily install over kitchen top counters and rangers.

Broan Range Hood Parts

Do You Need a Liner or Ducting Kit?
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Broan LB36 36" Range Hood Liner 36N B...
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Updated: 02/06/2012, MaryF
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range hoods on 03/27/2012

The major difference between ductless and other types of range hoods is that they do not contain ducts. The air is not ventilated outside of the house rather range hood clean the air with charcoal activation method and resend back into kitchen. The efficiency of ductless range hood depends upon the ingredients of food and the regular cleaning of grease filters. Both factors are dependent on one another and the more you use spices and oil in cooking the frequent you have to clean the filters or they will be choked because of grease.
It is ideal for the homes with no or limited options of windows or other ventilation point. There is another advantage comes in the form of installation. There is no complicated installation procedure is required like others. This may be done by DIY technique easily. It saves you extra money and waste of time to wait for the electrician to come and install it for you.

range hoods on 03/27/2012

There are different designs and materials available in range hoods. However, ductless range hoods are considered ideal for small and compact homes. There are many advantages of ductless range hoods.
1. Ductless hoods are cost effective so you can find your desired style and color in reasonable price.
2. Its installation process is very simple just require the electrical wiring where it is fitted. Even you can do it using DIY manual in enclosed in packing
3. There is no need of extra efforts to fit it in the old kitchen which has no range hood. Just bring your ductless range hood and installed it where you want to place your stove.
4. If your kitchen is the center of home and has no option for the wall ventilation then ductless range hood once again comes as handy to install and secure your environment.
5. Modern high tech range hoods are efficient in extracting odor and smoke keeps the environment fresh.

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