Bucket Boss Tool Bag Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

Lots of professional make use of Bucket Boss tool bags and accessories. The five best selling Bucket Boss products, reviewed and compared.

Many professionals in the construction industry use Bucket Boss tool bags, belts and pouches. Known in the trade for their quality manufacture and attention to detail, a Bucket Boss product is designed to last, contain plenty of useful features and deliver when it comes to tool organization.

The company claim to have an eye on function, quality and style and in truth - they're not claiming anything that doesn't ring true. Having purchased and use their tool bags over the years, it's fair to say that you're buying into user friendly accessories that are durable, reliable and long-lasting.

The five best Bucket Boss tool belts and bags are featured below. They all make the best seller list, possess high ratings and great customer feedback, as well as offer a healthy bang for your buck.

Bucket Boss 01056 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer

This is the best selling Bucket Boss tool organizer and it's designed to fit a standard five gallon bucket. Constructed from durable rip-stop polyester, it will carry a vast assortment of hand and power tools, as well as plenty of accessories.

Beyond the large center compartment, there's a range of 56 different sized pockets, all tough enough to contain hammers, wrenches, power drills and more. There's also an internal hammer loop, a padded holster for a drill, a security pocket and a whole host of other useful features. Providing you've got the bucket, this is one of the best (and cheapest) large tool storage solutions on the market - and selling at almost half it's retail price, it's worth every cent.

Bucket Boss 01056 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer

Made to fit any five-gallon bucket, the Bucket Boss 01056 56-Pocket Bucket Tool Organizer helps keep tools organized and easily accessible. Offering more capacity than most tool...

Only $33.41

Bucket Boss 06067 Pro Super GateMouth

This is the Bucket Boss Gatemouth - and the best selling tool bag manufactured by the well known brand name. It features 49 pockets, which offers a good range of storage for large and small hand and power tools, accessories and more. There's an I.D. window, which allows you to mark it as yours, and the construction is a ballistic heavy duty material, designed to stand up to years of use. The opening is as wide as it looks, making the bag deserving of its name - it really does open like a gator.

All the handles are a superior quality, up to carrying the tool bag when it's fully loaded, the closure zip is sturdy and all the stitching detail is rugged enough to cope with regular use. Overall it's well designed, up to the kind of standard you need from a hard working tool bag and  - currently on offer at under 40 bucks.

Bucket Boss 06067 Pro Super GateMouth

Bags like Bucket Boss's GateMouth are becoming more and more popular with contractors these days. They're much lighter than conventional toolboxes and, with advances in material...


Bucket Boss 06100 Cable and Tool Bag

This is the bests selling medium sized Bucket Boss bag - and it's designed to carry cables and tools, so it's a good choice for electricians and those in the automotive industry. That said, it's versatile, roomy and could be used as a regular tool bag for those looking to purchase something that's between too small and way too big.

The manufacture is as rugged as you'd expect from the brand - denier polyester, the straps, zip closure and hardware are up to pro standard and it provides enough room and storage pockets to handle a decent array of tools. It's also a great gift idea for car owners - who doesn't need a few tools and jump cables neatly stowed in the trunk? A good quality bag, well put together and cheap enough at less than 20 bucks.

Bucket Boss 83100 13-pocket SuperWaist Apron

This one's the most popular Bucket Boss apron - and at just over 10 bucks it's a great deal. The material is 100% cotton duck, which is pretty tough and gives it the edge on some of its more expensive competitors. It features a variety of pockets - some small enough to store a pencil and the smaller tools that are used day-to-day.

There's also a loop for a hammer, space to store a cell phone or similar, paper and a whole lot more. The quick release fastener is sturdy, doesn't open unless you want it to - even when the apron is fully loaded. It's also adjustable so will accommodate just about anyone and feels pretty comfortable and stable when it's fastened in place. Lots of quality and attention to detail for such a low priced tool carrying solution.

Bucket Boss 83100 13-pocket SuperWaist Apron

Bucket Boss Apron - Super Waist


Bucket Boss Brand 55043 Tool Holster

This is the best Bucket Boss tool belt and despite its compact appearance, it's surprisingly useful and capable. The four main pockets will store a variety of tools - screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, tape measures and more, plus there's a couple of loops - one for a hammer, one for a flashlight or similar accessory.

It's fully adjustable between 20 and 44" so it's fairly accommodating for most users, and the belt and quick release catch are durable and user-friendly. It's manufactured from denier polyester, the same as the previous product so you know it's going to last as long as you need it to. In all, a super-useful tool belt, compact enough to make it easy to work with - useful enough to make it well worth the low price tag.

Bucket Boss Brand 55043 Tool Holster

Aprons - Toolbags, Pouches, Holsters & Belts Tool Type: Single-Side Tool Carrier Number of Pockets: 4 Minimum Waist Size: 20 Maximum Waist Size: 44 Material: Denier Polyester Co...

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