Burning Calories On The Gazelle Edge

by sciencestudent

It's still a great way to burn calories and build muscle -- even if Tony Little doesn't promote it anymore.

Tony Little used to always promote this at 2 am when I watched TV. Then my college roomie had one. It turns out, the Gazelle Edge is still kicking strong and burning fat just as good as it ever did.

Tony Little's Gazelle Machines Create Their Own Buzz

Tony Little really had a great idea when he started promoting the Gazelle line of workout machines.  These machines were easy to use, easy to store and could withstand an intense workout.

Back in my college days, one of my buddies had a gazelle edge parked in his living room.  We never used it for anything but drinking contests, but it made for some interesting nights. Being one of the more fitness-minded of the bunch, I enjoyed working out on it, and have often wished I had been the lucky recipient of it when he moved back home after graduation. 

The Gazelle Edge Trainer

It kind've looks like a gazelle, doesn't it?
Gazelle Edge Glider
Gazelle Edge Glider

You Determine Your Destiny

On par with his “you can do it!” slogan, Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge is an excellent example of a machine which gives you total control.  When working out on a Gazelle You determine how difficult the workout is, how fast or slow you want to workout, and which muscle groups you want to target.

Unlike the expensive, automated elliptical machines you can buy, the Gazelle edge lets you get in a full body workout without the all of the confusing settings, dedicated floor space or cost.

Bottom line? You power the Gazelle Edge trainer, so you determine just how difficult you want your workout to be.

The Importance of a Low-Impact Workout

When I was a teenager, I injured my knee.  Since then, a lot of popular cardiovascular exercises --such as running -- have simply been too painful for me.  After a run, I often find my knee so swollen that I can hardly walk

If you are out of shape, you likely have similar workout challenges.  If you take off on a treadmill, you are likely to find yourself injured and less healthy before you started.  

But you must workout.  Our lifestyles are unnaturally sendentary, and unless you workout consistently, you will die prematurely.

So how do you workout without injuring yourself?

You find a cardiovascular exercise that does not require repetitive, pounding motion.

The Gazelle Edge can do that and gives you the benefit of a sustained cardiovascular workout that can change both your upper and lower body muscular physique for the better.  Because it is a low-impact workout, you can pretty much go as hard as you want to without having to worry about damaging your joints.

As you get more fit, you will be able to do longer and harder workouts.

Gazelle Edge On Amazon

Gazelle Edge

Gazelle Edge gives you a total body workout; building your cardiovascular system, and burning those unwanted calories.

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Gazelle Freestyle

Gazelle Freestyle combines independent action, complete range of motion and is a space saving design

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Sunny Air Walk Trainer

Sunny Air Walk Trainer

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Is The Gazelle Edge Worth Your Money?

Although the Gazelle edge is less expensive than a lot of other workout machines out there, it still is going to require a few hundred to purchase one.  So let’s take a look at whether it will work for you and would be a good investment?

What is the Weight Limit?  The Gazelle Edge has a weight limit of 250 pounds.  If you are heavier than that you may want to check out their Freestyle which can go up to about 300 pounds

Can you Workout like a Ninja? Yes. It folds up so you can hide it away under a bed or in the closet.  Then you can get it out and workout before the rest of the household gets up in the morning -- or after they have gone to bed.  If it does get squeaky, you can use a little bit of lube on the joints to quiet it.  They’ll never discover your workout secret.

Does it measure your workout?  The Gazelle uses a simple computer to track your workout time, calorie burn, distance covered and speed.

Gazelle Workout Tips

The DVD’s that Tony Little use to sell about how to workout on a Gazelle are a little harder to come by.  So here are some of the most popular workouts:

Striding - This takes on several forms.  Most people just take off at a pace that feels good to them, and stride for 20 minutes while watching a show on TV.  For more of a challenge, you can try squatting while striding, or using short strides to agitate more muscles and create more difficult, muscle strengthening workout.

Digging - This is where you lean forward while striding.  It’s a great way to activate more of your chest and back muscles and create an intense upper body workout.

Pulling - This is the reverse of digging where you actually pull back on the handles and lean back focusing on strengthening your back muscles.

The bottom line is that no matter what the workout method is that you choose, you must exercise consistently!  So find a workout program you can stick to and then use it as much as possible to get into shape.

Updated: 03/07/2012, sciencestudent
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