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I love the brand, the lingerie they produce makes women look amazing. A review of their more popular items and where to get them.

Shapewear is a concept created by what must have been a great person. It has literally changed my life and probably that of a lot of women. Suddenly, anyone can look better just by choosing to be selective about their underwear. I wish there was something that could help me drop 6 dress sizes and but they are still working on that.

Or maybe Flexees will prove to be the instant slimmer!

Flexees - Something for everyone

In the meantime, I can take pleasure in the options that Flexees, a brand by Maidenform, has provided for the everyday lady who wants to look good

  • without breaking the bank










  • without going under the knife











  • without exercising her self to death.

How Flexees became a part of my life

Looking great comes easy to some people but then there are others (and I fall into this category!) for whom, looking amazing is simply NOT simple.

Simple would mean I wake up and put my clothes on, look in the mirror and amazing shapeliness astounds me as I walk from the room, confident and full of 'joie de vivre', smiling at everyone I meet knowing I look truly wonderful.

Most mornings do not start this way...

Before Flexees, mornings involved a whole lot of avoiding mirrors, thinking about what I could wear that covered me a bit like a tent so none of the unsightly bulges could be seen by the 'ever full of high expectations' outside world - a world where celebrities popped out of the maternity suite looking younger than when they went in and the common woman looked on in amazement wondering what on earth she is doing wrong.

Patterns were all the rage in my wardrobe as hopefully the overwhelming pattern would take all attention away from me.

Early mornings (or anytime I could fit in a spare ten minutes) were spent attempting to exercise in front of my TV while the rest of the day was spend thinking of all the chocolate I wanted and could not have.

Then, one day, I realized there was an alternative route to looking great, one that could be implemented as soon as Amazon could deliver and then the story changed...

Have you ever had to wear Shapewear?

Get the Waist Nipper

It makes you look good!
Flexees Women's Pretty Shapewear Lace Waist Nipper

The Flexees Lace Waist nipper

This is an everyday favorite.

It fits so nicely to the body and provides you with a waist that does not bulge out in the wrong direction. The only thing about it is its need for a handwash which is a bit tedious but some washing machines come wth a delicate cycle so that is how it can be gotten round.

This is everyday because it does not cover my bra and so I can wear my own and also going to the restroom is still simple without having to take it off to start.

The Flexees Waistshaper Thigh slimmer

This item is amazing under the clothes and stretches down to shape not just the waist but the thighs too.  There is a bit at the bottom to support you in going to the restroom but feedback so far has been it really is not as helpful as the manufacturer might have hoped.

The key to this one is to get the right size, if you try to get a size too small then you will probably end up with a piece of shapewear that rolls down leaving you with an unsightly bulg.

There are two variations on this that I like.  There is one which is ultra firm and then there is one that is a little bit softer.  Both however do great things for the female shape.

Flexees Instant Slimmer Body Briefer

This All-in-one very firmly pulls in your tummy while holding everything together as well.  No room for seepage of fat around the middle with this one.  As there are straps, there is even less of a chance of the briefer rolling downwards.

It washes in the machine and still looks amazing, even after a few washes.  Everyone needs one of these.(if you are female, of course!)

It comes in white,beige (natural) or black so there is the normal range of colors to suit anyone. The lace just makes you feel so feminine and pretty.  The only objection I would have to it is that it feels quite heavy but I suppose it needs to be to be firm enough to exert any control over MY form.

The Flexees Fat Free range

This 'Fat free' range of items all still under the flexees brand, are a range that is made to be seen.  There are tank tops that hold you in while looking like any ordinary tank, trousers that hold your rear in place as well as your thighs and still looks like a normal pair of trousers, regular long sleeve tops and 3/4 sleeve tops that look normal and so can be worn on top but yet they still hold your body in place.

I love this range because it is discreet and it really does do what it says it will.  While waiting for your body to become perfect, this takes you there instantly!

Shapewear for Women

So many different choices, so many great options - As I must have mentioned, it is soo easy to look good these days even if you, like I, struggle to get your body back to the way it was.

Shapewear for women can be pretty cool.

Are you Postpartum?

Updated: 02/19/2012, MuminBusiness
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