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by humagaia

Buy gold and diamonds at reputed online jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, designed by the best jewelry designers. Buy & sell precious metals online. Buy precious stones. Info here..

Buy gold and diamonds:
Trade gold and precious metals
Buy jewelry from jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, & jewelry retailers
Sell gold, silver & platinum to the trade
Buy precious stones for jewelry setting and investment
All the up-to-date precious metals and precious stones online content
presented in one place:
Gold 'n Jewels online magazine, available free daily by subscription, created by Chaz Fox (Humagaia).

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Gold 'n Jewels

"Gold 'n Jewels" is an online promotional magazine created by Humagaia where you can buy gold and diamonds. It is available daily, free by subscription. It supplies a summary of contemporary newsworthy snippets of information that point to articles and webpages about:

  • Gold & precious metal purchase, trading & investment
  • Precious stones purchase and investment
  • Jewelry (jewellery) from online stores, retailers and designers
  • Anything else not covered by the above but which relates to gold, jewels, precious metals and precious stones.
To subscribe just go to the latest issue: Gold 'n Jewels

Gold 'n Jewels Daily Magazine

Buy gold and diamonds
Buy gold and diamonds

Promote Your Business Through "Gold 'n Jewels"

If you would like to be considered for inclusion so that subscribers can buy gold and diamonds etc from your store or articles, just add any of the following #tag to a tweet:


together with a link to the information you would like promoted.

Buy Gold And Diamonds Magazine

The buy gold and diamonds magazine, on your online bookshelf as "Gold 'n Jewels" was created, using (see how to create your own newspaper). Extracts are drawn from:

  • Daily journals
  • Blog entries 
  • Online articles
  • Website pages
  • Twitter tweets
  • Facebook posts 
  • Google+ posts

to bring you a comprehensive cross-section of information posted to the web about precious metals and precious stones, on a daily basis. You can keep yourself informed about all the news regarding precious metals and stones from one magazine, "Gold 'n Jewels". If you want to buy gold and diamonds this is the magazine that will tell you where you can go.

Buy Gold and Diamonds Jewelry (Jewellery)

If you can't wait for the magazine to tell you where you can buy gold and diamonds jewelry or any other precious metals and precious stones jewelry, here are a few places you could try in the meantime:

Trade Gold & Silver


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humagaia on 03/14/2012

Katie, you better start saving all your spare change then.

katiem2 on 03/13/2012

WOW I'd like some of that gold bullion and the blue diamond, my fave, stunning!

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