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by humagaia

In the real world, to create a newspaper takes money, equipment and staff. Online, to make your own newspaper is free, easy & equipment-less. You only need an idea &

To make your own newspaper for free
might sound a daunting task.
But help is at hand. gives you the tools and the
opportunity to become an online news
magnate. Goodbye Rupert Murdoch,
there is little need for your corrupt news
services now. We can harness the
power of the multiplicity to create
news copy on any niche subject,
to a depth of understanding, that could
only be dreamt of in the real world.

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What is

As state themselves on their about page:

' is a content curation service'.

But what does that mean to you or I?

We have all had it drummed into us that 'content is king' and that we must produce 'quality content'. Well most online writers, that are not trying to scam the system, are producing that, right? We produce quality content on a daily basis. And with a platform like Wizzley we have the best chance for our articles to be read, by ranking well in search engine results page (serps).

But what happens when our articles do not quite make it to page one of the serps?

When they need a little boost to reach the heights they deserve?

When a little promotion would not go amiss?

We know that the social web thrives, and could not do without, fresh content.

Who is this social web?

It is our audience and the masses to whom we must Panda (sic.).

But what makes them interact with our offerings?

To click, subscribe, like, retweet, favourite, list, share, comment, follow and buy from us?

Creating regular, quality, valuable, attention-grabbing content is not as easy as it sounds. Many are unable to achieve the required level of competency, that copy writing requires.

And do the website developers, entrepreneurs, business-owners and other organisations have the time and money to promote their money-making efforts in this way?

Well the answer to all these imponderables is content curation:

Finding, accumulating, organizing and disseminating content, digitally created elsewhere, that fulfils the needs of a particular niche market clientele. Newspaper

Online Shopping News
Online Shopping News
Online Shopping News
First created on 01 March 2012

Why Use

But that also sounds as if it will take a lot of time, effort, and money to create.

Not so!

As this is where steps into the breach. This online newspaper creation platform does all the work for you, by trawling Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for content, and incorporating RSS feeds, to publish interest-based, niche-marketing, daily, subscriber-based, article-link and -description-containing output with just a few clicks, and a little forethought from you.

And the best bit, from an article publishing point-of-view, is that these easy-to-develop newspapers can supply free, one-way, 'white hat' back-links to our articles.

Now, you can get away with hoping that one of these papers, that trawl the social media, will pick up on an article, thus stamping your offering with its seal of approval, making it known to the search engines, and in doing so creating that all important back-link. However, you will have had to let the social media know in the first place, that your article is ready and waiting to be read.

But needs must!

It is time to be pro-active for a change.

It is time to promote your articles yourself.

But in this world of social media, self-promotion in itself is not valued as much as the selfless promotion of others. Again, this is where allows you to be benevolent. With a little assistance from you, pointing the trawl mechanism in the right direction, a masterpiece can be produced, that actions against that premise, and satisfies your promotional requirements at the same time.

And now to show you how! Start Screen Start Screen Start Screen
'about your town' is just one of many possibilities

How to make your own Newspaper with

Getting there, logging in and signing up

The first thing to do is go to the website. It's easy, just type in:

    to either your URL entry box or your search engine search box, and click on the link. Either way you will arrive at the home page as reproduced above.

The next thing to do is sign in. This is also easy to do, as long as you have a Twitter account. The sign in link is at the top right of the screen. Click it.

You will be given a sign in screen, that will link to your Twitter account. Sign in to the appropriate Twitter account to allow access, and off you go. You are now ready to set up, in the following easy steps, your own online newspaper for whatever niche market you want to promote.

Be aware that you have the opportunity to create up to 10 newspapers (more under certain circumstances), so be prudent with your choices, as they can deplete quite rapidly.

Before you start though you should consider how you are going to populate your online newspaper / magazine. We will come to how shortly, but this is the time to reflect on what you are trying to achieve. With that in mind we can press on. Enter a Title Create a Title Create a Title
Humagaia "Paint" screenshot

Before you enter the title, have a quick read of the blurb that accompanies the newspaper creation process. It suggests that you check 'Twitter search pages' for the key words or #tags. I also suggest you do that, although the method below will involve you creating a list of your own unique #tags, and working from those. Incorporating other tags and key words is recommended, but not explained below.

The second thing you should do before entering a title is to craft the title.

What do you need to do to craft the title?

  1. Think of a title that defines and informs about the content within. Alternatively, you may just want it as an extension to your brand (like 'The Huffington Post', for example, but that won't get you far in the serps game).
  2. Take your title and enter it into whatever keyword research tool you use.
  3. Adjust the title to get the best results from search engine results pages.
  4. When you return you can get tips from if you want to personalize it in some way.
  5. Enter your title where it says 'enter a title'.

Job done. Content Streams

content streams
content streams
Content Streams

I could write reams of copy about content streams but it would defeat the object of this quick tutorial. The different stream categories are pretty much self-explanatory.

Suffice it to say that you have options for including content from the major players on the social media scene. You can include Twitter content from:

  • a single user
  • yourself and those you follow
  • a Twitter list
  • #tags
  • keywords.

You can include Google+ content from:

  • a single user
  • keywords

but not from Google+Circles, as yet. 

You can also include content using Facebook keywords, by utilizing the browser bookmark bar button, and by incorporating RSS feeds into the trawl mechanism. 

The one that I shall concentrate on is the Twitter #tag, as this has the most flexibility to control the niche for which your newspaper is to be produced. With these #tags one can limit the inclusions from writers who publish for a number of different vertical and niche markets. Your newspaper can be created with very narrow criteria, if you so wish.

You just need to consider how narrow your criteria need to be to match your newspaper title. You know what #hashtags are (you read the article linked to above, didn't you), and you know how to construct them. Now just create a few that you can use for your own requirements, and select a few that have already been created, that match your requirements. Paper Language

Paper Language
Paper Language
Paper Language

You have a number of options with regard to the languages that can be included in the trawl process and subsequently within your newspaper. This is all personal preference and I leave it up to you to decide whether 'all languages' or just 'English' is appropriate for your requirements. Covered Topics Covered Topics Covered Topics
Covered topics

The last thing to consider before publishing is which topic categories you wish to be included in your newspaper. Again this is personal preference. The default is 'all shown topics' except 'Adult'. If any of the topics do not fit well with the niche at which you are aiming, then just click the button against the topic to 'off'.

You are now ready to publish, so


But be aware: when you hit the publish button, that is exactly what will happen. If you have not set up any #tags, and tweeted your content with the #tag attached, there is no way for the trawl to pick up on your content. You may produce an empty newspaper.

This is not the end of the world, except that you will look a bit silly in front of your Twitter followers when you publish and it is tweeted to your account stating 'Your title' newspaper is now available.

Processing Newspaper for .........

"your news publication".
processing newspaper for
processing newspaper for

The Finished Newspaper

Gold 'n Jewels
the finished
the finished

How to get published in my newspapers

Now that was painless wasn't it!

I have the following newspapers published through the utilization of

  1. Online Shopping News
  2. How To Google Magazine
  3. The Wizer Way
  4. Gold 'n Jewels
  5. Gaia: The Mother Earth Reporter
  6. The Daily Games
  7. Investor's Business Daily

I am currently writing Wizers to introduce each of these newspapers. As I complete them I will link to them from here. If you would like to have your contributions considered for inclusion in any of them, then just follow the instructions you will find in each one.

You can add as many #tags as you like to your tweets, in order to be considered for inclusion in all relevant newspapers of mine. Please do not add #tags where the content of the tweeted link is unrelated to the subject matter of the paper. Be forewarned: as the editor I will add anyone that does this to my list of banned persons from inclusion in my papers.

I shall add a couple more papers shortly as I get round to including all the flow mechanisms for maximum promotion of articles and my websites.


Tell me about your newspapers

I'll subscribe!
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New Newspapers
Ragtimelil on 09/30/2012

Ragtimelil's Fiber Arts

Current Newspapers
Brian Slater on 03/08/2012

Mountain biking for everyone.

humagaia on 03/04/2012

The Jo Harrington Times @

humagaia on 03/04/2012

Mikes = The MikeTteddleton Daily @

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humagaia on 04/12/2014

As far as I am aware all entries to papers are extracted from Tweets, so it is probable that a Twitter account is required.
From what you are saying you could do what you want using RSS feeds, or maybe using a curation program - I don't have information for you on these alternatives.

CSMcClellan on 04/12/2014

Question: I'm interested in the possibilities, but when you said sign in with Twitter, that put me off. I don't use Twitter or any of the other social networks. What I want to do is link my various blogs, and my eventual website, with updates. Is Twitter a requirement for using

Mira on 01/21/2013

Hi again humagaia, I can't wait to see what you'll be posting next. Thank you so much for sharing with us what worked for you!

humagaia on 01/20/2013

Agreed these things are time-consuming - I need 124 hours a day too!
More traffic ideas coming in the future - not just regurgitated nonsense - stuff I have found to be efficacious through my own testing.
Social networks are more and more necessary as time goes on - if you want Google love you will need to embrace G+ social, as well as Twitter and FB.
Thanks for the comment - hope some of my ideas assist you in the future.

Mira on 01/20/2013

I've been giving this newspaper idea serious thought in the last few days, but that means I have to get used to Twitter first. Too many distractions, and all time-consuming. But, looking at Jo's traffic, I think they pay off. She's certainly taking all your good advice, and I intend to learn from that, too. Thanks for the article!

humagaia on 03/09/2012

PCDman You could make a newspaper about print cartridges and all things computer printing

pcdman on 03/09/2012

this looks very interesting...

humagaia on 03/09/2012

Bhavesh, the paper is not all about you. Give something back by including all content from wherever about a particular subject that you enjoy There are bound to be others that want a regular update about that subject. If you write about that subject all well and good. Publish it daily. When you tweet something new, it could be included. You might attract some readers. A backlink may be forthcoming. The certain thing is that you will build your brand and your authority on the subject.
I can't say this enough: social media is for being social. Give to the world and it will be more inclined to give back.

Bhavesh on 03/08/2012

What a terrific idea! I will have to give it a go. My only issue is that I don't write as often as you folks. So may me I will make mine a "monthly" instead of a "daily!" Thanks for the pointers.

humagaia on 03/08/2012

Cheers Mike

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